Nano Precision Stages

High Accuracy Positioning Tables/Nano Precision Stages are used in applications where high accuracy and repeatability and/or smoothness are critical. All sub-assembly components are machined to very tight tolerances in order to achieve the required accuracy and repeatability. Typical precision for these types of stages is measured in the sub-micron or nanometer range. Precision ground acme screws, precision ground ball screws, or brushless linear motors are typically used as the driving mechanisms for these stages. Precision ground cross roller bearings, ultra high accuracy square rail bearings, or air bearings are mainly used for the linear bearing system. Granite or a precision machined steel plate is commonly used for the table mounting surface. A temperature controlled environment, machine shock absorbers, and high resolution linear encoders are also usually required in order to obtain and maintain the system accuracy and repeatability over the life of the product.

Available Nano Precision Stages

A variety of Nano Precision Stages are available from Ibex Engineering and Nippon Pulse America, most of which are customized to meet your specific requirements. Models include: 

Linear Shaft Motor StagesNippon SLP15-w Background

Direct Drive Linear stages


Screw Driven Linear Stages


Rotary Stages


Z Wedge


Goni Stages


Hexipod and Tripod Actuators


Exotic Platforms


Voice Coil Stages



Positioning Stages and Configurations:

  • Linear Positioning Stages
    • Nanomotion - Piezo
    • Linear Servo Motor
    • Ball Screw
    • Acme Screw
  • Rotary Positioning Stages
    • Nanomotion - Piezo
    • Direct drive – Frameless
    • Worm Gear
    • Belt Drive
  • Z-Wedges
  • Goniometer
  • Gimbals
  • Gantries
  • Granite Stages
  • Air Bearing Stages
  • X,Y,Z, Theta
  • Various Compound Stages

Motor Technologies:

  • Nanomotion Piezo
  • Servo Motors
  • Stepper Motors
  • Direct Drive/ Frameless Servo Motors
  • Linear Servo Motors, Ironless and Iron Core
  • Integrated Lead/Acme Motors

Bearing Technologies:

  • Air Bearings
  • Crossed Roller
  • Recirculating Ball Bearings
  • Round and Profile Bearings
  • Cam Rollers

Screw Technologies:

  • Ball Screws
    • Precision Ground
    • Precision Rolled
    • Standard Rolled
  • Acme and Lead Screws
    • Precision Ground
    • Rolled Thread 

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