EXOR announces a New “Solid as a Rock” 300 Series HMI product line to compliment its existing eTOP306 and eTOP307 models.  Due to the superior quality of these HMI’s, Exor are offering a 5 Year Warranty on all new 300 models!
The 300 Series HMI’s feature a 6 inch unit (eTOP306) and go up in size to a 15 inch unit (eTOP315). The new series is only 1.5 inches in depth and all the models have a brilliant TFT display to show off their amazing capabilities. All the 300 models are programmed using Exor’s Designer Software which features over 200 communication drivers, allowing you to connect to a wide variety of industrial devices. And your training and support costs will be minimized, as all units are set up with a single, easy-to-use Windows-based configuration software package.
Also, the 300 Series comes in 3 different front panel colors: White (Stock), Black (Special Order), and Metallic Silver (Special Order),which will help match or dress up any machine panel.

Exor's 300 Series HMI's

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