Have you ever wondered how simulation machines move so precisely and accurately depict the reality of the situation being portrayed? Galil motion controllers are, in part, to thank for this in InMotion Simulation’s machines worldwide.

InMotion Simulation is a company that was founded back in 2003 in Prescott, Arizona by Mark Barry. They custom design and build high-fidelity motion simulators for various industries including: military, entertainment, museums, academia, Hollywood, and flight training. Some of their products include electric 2- and 3-Degrees of Freedom (DOF) platforms that can handle up to 4,000 pound payloads and a Hydraulic 6-DOF platform for payloads up to 30,000 pounds.

Galil Motion Controllers

InMotion’s founder, Mark Barry, said “The precise, real-time responsiveness, lack of latency, and motion of the simulator is critical to our ability to replicate as close to reality as possible the action of flight simulation, for example, or the sensation of a race car moving at 200 mph.” This is why Galil motion controllers for simulators were chosen. These motion controllers play the key role in handling pitching, rolling, yawing, heaving, swaying, and surging action of the simulators.

Some of the main deciding factors when choosing Galil motion controllers were cost, performance, low latency, and the ease of programming the controller. The 2-DOF and 3-DOF platforms use Galil’s DMC-2123 2-axis and DMC-2133 3-axis controllers, respectively. The 6-DOF system utilizes Galil’s DMC-4060 6-axis controller. All controllers feature Ethernet connectivity and PID compensation with velocity and acceleration feed forward.

InMotion Simulation’s proprietary motion cueing software sends motion commands to the Galil controller which provides a point-to-point position tracking mode. This software enables customers to adjust or customize different functions of the motion platform through the graphical user interface (GUI) including gain, damping, acceleration, deceleration, and velocity. For safety, Galil’s digital inputs are used for emergency stops.

InMotion simulators with Galil motion controllers are used in simulators worldwide from museums and trade shows to training and research facilities, even military bases. Without Galil’s motion controllers, these simulators would certainly not be the same.

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