Actuators are used for a range of applications within the aviation industry, such as controlling and limiting velocity and engine speed by adjusting levers and flaps. Actuators are devices that convert electrical signals to mechanical movement or other physical variables such as pressure and temperature. Actuators play an active role in the control systems of aircrafts. Aircraft mechanical actuators must achieve very high dynamic forces, but be lightweight and fit in small and tight spaces. They also have to withstand unique ambient conditions such as strong vibrations, heat, and cold.

Siltec Aerospace GmbH Actuators

Siltec Aerospace GmbH actuators are used in most aircraft systems, as Siltec supplies the two largest aircraft manufacturers. Actuators for aviation can be found in water, oxygen, hydraulic, fuel, and air systems. In aircraft design, important systems are always represented two or three different times for safety. The same goes for actuators that are equipped with two drives in case one of the systems malfunctions.

Aircraft Requirements

The areas of application for actuators in aviation vary. Thus, actuators and valves must be able to meet a range of requirements. The most important requirements for aircraft mechanical actuators are:

  • Optimal volume/performance ratio
  • Lower power consumption
  • Temperature resistances
  • Long life
  • Vibration and impact resistance
  • High corrosion resistance

maxon Motors for Aviation

The above requirements are why Sitec uses brushed motors by maxon motor. These DC motors are equipped with powerful permanent magnets and the core is a globally patented ironless maxon winding. Compared to conventional motors, maxon motors feature a pure copper winding that rotates without armature iron. Thus, inertia is small and acceleration is high. These customized and robust motors with direct gearing on the shaft and their high lifespan made them an easy choice for Sitect Aerospace GmbH.

Electromate supplies maxon motors like those used in aircrafts and the aviation industry. Contact us today for a quote.