Automated Quilting with Galil Motion Controller

Statler Stitching and Galil Motion Control products have combined to produce a quilting machine that can automate the quilting process without sacrificing on creativity or quality. The Stitcher machine is known for its perfect stitching quality and usability, allowing quilters to select or create designs that the machine then quilts.

Galil Motion Controller

The chosen motion controller is three-axis and guides three servo motors. Two axes control the XY moves, as the sewing arm stitches the design to the quilt’s filling and backing. The third Z axis controls the stitching motor itself. Galil’s linear and interpolation mode allows the XY path to be pre-programmed and followed for even stitching no matter the intricacy of the design.

Originally, the Stitcher machine utilized a DMC-1030 ISA bus controller, which was then subsequently replaced by the DMC-1832 PCI bus controller. Statler Stitching is now considering upgrading to the Galil DMC-2132 Ethernet motion controller. This model would allow for precision and flexibility, while enabling the computer to be separated from the servo motors, thereby reducing cabling restrictions. Furthermore, the low cost of the DMC-2132 would allow the machine to remain low in cost.

The Stitcher

The Galil motion controller allows for accurate, precise, and smooth stitching throughout the entire process. The sewing machine moves along an XY axis, guided by the motion controller, while the quilt remains stationary. In addition to its automation, precision, and accuracy, this machine allows the designer to “teach” it a pattern by hand-guiding the machine or drawing a pattern on the PC.

Applications of the Stitcher

This machine has been used by home quilters to set up small businesses for quilting. It has also been sold to industry for making large quantities of quilts. No matter the audience, the Stitcher, combined with its motion controller, creates a much more efficient quilting process while allowing for personalization.

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