Autonomous Intelligent Vehicles for Logistics

Autonomous Transportation Robots for Logistics

YLOG build autonomous robots that can be used to transport containers for logistics companies. These robots, or Autonomous Intelligent Vehicles (AiV) help reduce energy costs while maximizing the use of your space. Within these AiVs are Maxon drives, ensuring these robots move with precision.

YLOG was able to develop an automated small part warehouse that is not only incredibly intelligent, but environmentally friendly, using free moving vehicles (AiVs). These AiVs can be made in many different sizes and unique features allow up to 500 of them to be utilized in the same space at once.

Features of AiVs

These Autonomous Intelligent Vehicles have a number of features that lend them so adept for warehouse logistics. First and foremost, they can be used in both warehouse and transport logistics. They are also freely moving and able to detect each other, while observing road and traffic rules; these features reduce the risk of an accident. AiVs are able to complete tasks fully autonomously; a centralized unit tells the robots which containers it is supposed to retrieve or deposit and where to do so. From there, the robots steer themselves and complete the task.

These AiVs utilize supercapacitors rather than batteries as a means of power. This means that nearly 200 of the AiVs can be operated with the same energy as a single, conventional storage and retrieval system. Additionally, the AiVs are recharged via current while in operation, allowing for maximum use.

Maxon Motors

The Maxon motors and gearheads in AiVs are utilized to control the precision steering, indicating wheel positioning and the picking up/putting down motions. YLOG chose to utilize Maxon motors for a number of reasons. First, the electronically commutated EC motor has very good torque, a long service life, wide speed range, and high power. Additionally, the ceramic components in the gearheads improve the wear characteristics of crucial components. Overall, the highly individual and customized Maxon motors and gearheads have a longer lifespan, higher continuous and temporary torques, and higher input speeds.

Advantages of AiVs

As mentioned throughout, there are a number of advantages to utilizing AiVs in your logistics operations. First, there is a tremendous room for cost savings. Second, the AiVs allow you to maximize space within your warehouse, ensuring you are being most efficient. Lastly, their price-performance and energy consumption are tremendous.

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