maxon motors are used in camera stabilizer systems, allowing aerial images to be taken with clarity and accuracy. Photo Higher, a company based in New Zealand, designs, develops, and manufactures precision camera gimbal systems for Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) Rotary Wing Unmanned Aircraft Systems. Gimbals provide users a stable and level platform from which to capture high-quality aerial images and must be lightweight, smooth, and stable. At the core of a gimbal is the drive unit for the stabilizing platform. Photo Higher chose small brushless DC servo motors for this application.

Industries and Applications

There are a number of different industries that use unmanned aerial vehicles. The mining industry uses them to survey mines from the air, oil & gas monitor drilling rigs, and energy utilities monitor overland lines. The commonality among these three applications are the harsh operating conditions in which a camera gimbal system must operate. The camera must be protected against wind, turbulence, and vibration of the carrier aircraft, all while being kept stable.

Energy Efficiency

A crucial consideration for unmanned aerial vehicle applications is power consumption and energy efficiencies for extended flights. maxon brushless DC servo motors have higher power density and higher efficiency. These features mean less energy consumption, allowing the UAV to remain airborne for longer.

Ultimately, maxon EC 32 flat brushless DC servo motors were chosen to drive the gimbals directly. These were customized, flat, compact, while still fulfilling speed and torque requirements. Additionally, there was zero backlash from the output. These components allow for a balanced center of mass, which allows fast acceleration and quick response with minimum effort from the DC servo motors. Photo Higher also chose to use custom maxon servo controllers for the DC motors.

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