Cheese Cutting Using the Tolomatic ERD30 electric rod-style cylinder

Product Family: Electric

Product Used: ERD30 electric rod-style cylinder

Product Type: Standard

Application Requirements

Stroke: 40 in.

Force: 4,000 lbs

Application Description: Cutting blocks of cheese.


A cheese company had several cutting stations that currently used hydraulic cylinders to cut blocks of cheese. Due to increased food safety requirements, the manufacturer wanted to replace the hydraulic cylinders with electric cylinders to eliminate contamination concerns from possibility of leaking hydraulic fluids. Because they were familiar with the long life of hydraulic cylinders, the manufacturer also required an electric cylinder with very long life.

Tolomatic Solution:

An all stainless steel ERD30 electric cylinder with an IP69k rating was chosen and combined with an Allen Bradley MPS motor to provide a hygienic, long lasting electric solution. The actuator featured a roller screw to provide the customer with the long service life that they required.

Customer Benefit:

  • Elimination of contamination risk due to potential hydraulic fluid spill
  • Roller screw & other components selected for long service life
  • Energy efficient electric actuators save electric utility costs