At Lintech, we know that sometimes it can be hard for our customers to choose the right tool for the right job.  With so many choices out there, once you find the right part it can be hard to decide which model is perfect for you.  That’s why you go to an expert – or in this case, you let the expertise come to you.  This time around, we thought we would outline a few critical things you should be looking for in a rotary table.
For those not “in the know”, a rotary table is a precision metalworking positioning device used mostly by the automotive, semiconductors, and packaging industries.  To get to know what you need, we think it’s best to go over Lintech’s 2 distinct models: the 300 and the 400.
Rotary Table - 300

  • The 300 series is used for general automation, the kind of automation that demands decent accuracy and repeatability.   We like to use the example of a robot filling an aspirin bottle. The task does not demand super-fine positioning, but does demand versatility in positioning speeds and locations. Therefore, our 300 series is perfect because it is accurate without all the extra bells and whistles you may not need.  This also makes it our most affordable rotary table.

Rotary Table - 400

  • Of course if you need larger load capacity AND great accuracy, then it would be cost-effective to use our 400 series.  Not only can the 400 handle loads up to 1000 pounds, but it also has large thru-hole tooling.  Therefore, it is easier to maintain, offers amazing repeatability, and most importantly, it’s as tough as nails.  We really haven’t had a single one of these table returned to us in over 20 years!

In the end, you should base your choice on the kind of work you need the rotary table to do. Lintech’s 300 is a cost-effective way to handle smaller loads while the 400 is the perfect fit for your bigger jobs.  Whichever you choose, you will get the amazing accuracy, versatility, and toughness that everything we make at Lintech offers.
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