Lintech XYZ High Accuracy Coating Assembly Station

Lintech XYZ High Accuracy Coating Assembly Station

Sometimes a standard assembly, linear slide, linear actuator, or positioning system is not the right choice for a particular motion control application.  It may also be impossible, or not practical, to have the system built in house by your own design team.  Let us take a look at your special requirements.  We have been designing and building custom assemblies and positioning systems for over 38 years.  We can use our many years of experience to help you select the right approach to a unique motion control problem.

Lintech provides assistance from system concept, to system design, to complete system manufacture.  Complex projects can include multi-axis motion, instrumentation, large or low load capacities, high speeds, difficult environments, electronic packaging, system software programming, system documentation, and testing.  Stand alone, PLC or PC based control systems can be provided in either step motor or servo motor systems.  We have the resources, experience, and products to handle these many types of projects.

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