Robots Move with Maxon Motor

DARwIn-OP (Dynamic Anthropomorphic Robot with Intelligence-Open Platform) robots were created mainly for research and educational purposes, however they can be programmed by the user to do whatever the user wishes with an open source system. They can even play in (and win) robotic soccer competitions! Their quick and precise motions can be attributed to Maxon motor components.

Features of the DARwIn-OP Robots

This 45 cm tall robot is capable of a wide range of complex movements, thanks to sophisticated sensors and motion controllers. In addition to its ability to play soccer, it can walk quickly, speak and listen, run processes, balance, and work fully autonomously.

The signature feature that makes this robot so versatile and dynamic, is its completely open source platform. This makes changes very easy, with the ability to customize both hardware and software. It can also be integrated with different software platforms, such as C++, Python, LabVIEW, MATLAB, and more. All of its CAD data, manufacturing, and assembly data can be found online for free. Additionally, it has a built-in computer with Ethernet, USB, and HDMI ports.

Movement of the DARwIn-OP

This intelligent robot is able to move so complexly thanks to ROBOTIS, the manufacturer of Dynamixel actuators. These smart actuators feature fully integrated DC motors and are made exclusively for use in robots. They are high-precision, high-quality, and have an expansive range of functionality. They also feature a number of feedback functions like position detection, velocity, internal temperature, and more, all controlled via a network.

Within these actuators are Maxon RE-max motors – high-performance motors using neodymium magnets. These small, lightweight, powerful motors boast robustness along with a long service life.

The robots are powered by a rechargeable battery with the ability to go through a range of motions for up to 30 minutes on a single charge. They can even do a handstand without falling over!

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