Lantal, a Swiss textile manufacturer, developed a pneumatic air cushion system to replace traditional cushion foam with air-filled chambers in aircraft passenger seats. This pneumatic comfort system (PCS) replaces the customary plastic foam in aircraft seat cushions with air-filled chambers. These air-filled cushions give comfort in both sitting and sleep positions.

Pneumatic Comfort System (PCS)

The PCS automatically detects the shape of the passenger’s body, allowing the air-filled chambers to adapt to the individual posture of the passenger. Additionally, firmness of the cushion can be customized for each individually with passengers having the ability to control the amount of air in the chambers. These innovative seat cushions eliminate pressure points which are frequently a problem when sleeping or sitting on long distance flights.

Advantages of the PCS

The pneumatic comfort system (PCS) has proven itself in more than 10 million passenger flight hours with three years on 27 aircraft. Each cushion offers a savings of 1.5 to 3 kg per Business Class seat and 3 to 5 kg per First Class seat. This lower weight reduces operating costs of air carriers, such as cost of fuel.

maxon motors

maxon motors are a central component of each air cushion system. Each aircraft seat is integrated with a maxon motor – a brushless maxon EC45 flat motor – that drives the vane pump of the air cushion. By varying how much air fills the air chambers, passengers can easily switch between firm and soft settings. The PCS seat cushions have a higher lifespan than standard seat cushions as another added benefit. The EC45 flat motors for air cushion systems from maxon chosen for this application have an output power of more than 30 W and only 75 g each. Lantal chose maxon motors because they are small, powerful, and highly accurate and reliable.

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