White Paper by Richard Halstead, president, Empire Magnetics Inc.

Empire Magnetics Cryogenic motor snippet Typically people don’t think about motors  or motion control in cryogenic situations,  but there are many situations that call  for motion at very low temperatures.  For  example, fuel valves that carry liquefied
gases, such as hydrogen and oxygen, for  rocket engines must have the ability to not  only open and close but also to adjust flow  rates at low temperatures.  Quality control engineers need to be able to replicate the environment of space in order to ensure that equipment designed for satellites will function reliably before they go into space.  Likewise, observatories using supercooled equipment to capture spectral images of stars need scanners and other equipment with sophisticated control systems that, at least in part, operate in cryogenic conditions…
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Four Critical Questions for Cryogenic Motors and Their Applications White Paper
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