Galil Controller for Motion Simulator

The Force-Dynamics’ Motion Simulator System (MSS) provides a hyper-realistic, high-sensory motion simulation experience. It can even allow you to feel G-forces such as you might experience in an Indy race car as it accelerates. The high degree of sensitivity and flexibility in movement, as well as the hyper-realistic feeling it provides, is what differentiates the MSS from other motion simulators.

The intelligence behind this sensitivity and realistic motion is a Galil multi-axis motion controller. The Galil DMC-2133 3-axis Ethernet motion controller is used in Force Dynamics’ 301 3-axis platform which provides +/- 30 degrees of roll, pitch, and heave motion. The DMC-2143 4-axis controller is used in the 401CR 4-axis model which adds 260 degrees of unlimited yaw motion. Both models use gravitational forces to mimic the sensations of acceleration and deceleration by pushing the driver back in the seat when speeding up, and against the seatbelt when hitting the brakes.

In order to ensure that each of the four axes arrive at the exact position at the right time, the Position Absolute mode of the DMC-2143 is used. The simulation software provides data on motion while a second computer converts the simulator data into real-time position commands for each axis of the DMC-2143 motion controller.

The combination of the Galil controllers with Force Dynamics’ actuators allow the MSS to achieve heightened senses of realism.

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