Galil Motion Controllers for CNC Machining

CNC Machining Motion Controllers

CamSoft Corporation has developed a software that can convert screen graphics into multi-axis machine tool motion. This software is integrated with a Galil motion controller to allow high-speed machine tool applications to be solved quickly and easily.

CNC Control Tool Kit

The CNC control tool kit by CamSoft allows users to create and customize the controller for any two- to eight-axis CNC machine tool with a standard PC. It’s open architecture and flexibility make it one of the most advanced CNC controllers on the market. The software package, including CAD/CAM, is fully integrated with a high-speed Galil motion controller. The kit can respond to events in real time within a few milliseconds with animations changing as the machine cuts.

A number of different motions can be programmed with this kit, including:

  • Linear and Circular Interpolation
  • Contouring
  • Electronic Gearing
  • Ecam

This kit is particularly suited for applications involved machine tools like milling machines, lathes, and water jets. It is easy to sue and can be customized for various CNC applications without the need to be a Visual Basic, C, or C++ programmer. The software offers a number of tools to build the interface and the graphics can be drawn within the CAD/CAM system or imported from standard CAD files.

Galil Motion Controllers

The CNC control tool kit utilized Galil DMC-18x0 and DMC-18x2 series PCI bus motion controllers in configurations from two- to eight-axes. These controllers allow the control of step or servo motors on any combination of axes. The kit also utilizes Galil DMC-21x2 Ethernet controllers for applications that require a controller outside of the PC.

These motion controllers were chosen for a number of reasons, including their ease of use, flexibility, and the technical support that accompanied them.

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