When human fluids are being analyzed in order to develop new drugs, find cures for diseases, prescribe a course of treatment, or solve crimes, clinical lab scientists need intact samples not compromised by contamination, infection, or misidentification. This is where Galil motion technology for automatic tube handling systems comes in to play.

STDK500 Automatic Sorter Decapper System

To prevent contamination or misidentification during the sample preparation process, NGNY Devices SL created the STDK500 Automatic Sorter Decapper system. This system allows for automatic sorting and decapping of vials or tubes of samples, eliminating the need for human hands. The automation of this process helps minimize human error.

The STDK500 functions by using one robotic arm to input the tubes and another for outputting them, in addition to a conveyor and decapping module. The input arm picks up the tube from the tray, analyzes the barcoded label and retrieves valuable information such as which tests need to be run utilizing the Laboratory Information System (LIS). From here, the tube is placed on the conveyor.

The LIS processes this information and relays it to the STDK500 which then determines if the tube must be decapped for sample analysis. If it is, the tube is decapped at the Decapping Module. From here, the tube is gripped by the output robot and put in a pre-determined place in a specific tray that then moves forward for analysis.

Galil Motion Technology

These robotic arms and modules require precise motion, made possible by Galil motion technology. A Galil DMC-2183 8-axis motion controller enables the motion of the robots with the first 4 axes assigned to the input robot and the remaining 4 assigned to the output robot. Attached to the motion controller are two Galil AMP-20440 4-axis 200 W servo drive boards. Additionally, Galil’s DMC-2143 4-axis controller maneuvers the precise decapping module.

Not only are the Galil controllers crucial in the functioning of the Automatic Sorter Decapper System, they also allow for further innovation and expansion, including additional modules for recapping.

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