Many times a customer will call us looking for a standard or custom motor that needs to be protected from the surrounding environment involving water, dust, or foreign debris.  When this situation presents itself, our Application Engineers start to ask questions about Ingress Protection (IP) rating.  As defined in International Standard IEC 60529, the IP Code classifies and rates the degrees of protection against entrance of foreign objects and liquids.  The IEC standard aims to help users better understand the ratings.
IP ratings can be broken down into two sections – solids and liquids.  This means that the motor is protected against objects down to 1 mm in size and splashing water will not harm the motor.
In some cases, customers ask for special sealing techniques to be applied to the motors. These requests are a result of the application specification for a harsh environment or the presence of liquids in the application. Electromate’s servo, stepper & PMDC motors can be configured up to IP67 or IP68 when needed.
Below is a summary chart of the International Standard IP Ratings-
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