At times, customers reach out to us in search of either standard or custom motors that are designed to withstand and excel in demanding conditions involving water, dust, or other external debris. In such scenarios, our team of dedicated Application Engineers takes charge, initiating a comprehensive inquiry into Ingress Protection (IP) ratings. These ratings, governed by the International Standard IEC 60529, serve to categorize and assess the level of protection a motor offers against the infiltration of foreign substances and liquids. The intention behind this standard is to empower users with a clearer comprehension of a motor's capabilities.

IP ratings can be dissected into two primary categories – solids and liquids. This entails that the motor boasts protection against particles as small as 1 mm, while additionally demonstrating resilience against splashes of water that might otherwise compromise its functionality.

In specific instances, customers express a need for specialized sealing techniques to be integrated into the motor's design. Such requests typically stem from either the demanding specifications of the application's environment or the regular presence of liquids within the application setting. It is worth noting that Electromate's wide range of servo, stepper, and PMDC motors are fully adaptable, allowing configurations to be optimized to attain IP ratings ranging from IP44 all the way up to IP68, whenever the need arises.

Provided below is an informative summary chart delineating the key International Standard IP Ratings:

IP Code Solids Protection Liquids Protection
IP44 Protected against solid objects
over 1 mm
Protected against splashes of water
IP67 Protected against dust and
immersion in water up to 1 m
Protected against temporary
immersion up to 1 m
IP68 Completely dust-tight and
Protected against long-term
immersion beyond 1 m


Please feel free to contact our team for further insights into these ratings or to discuss motor configurations that align with your specific environmental requirements. We are committed to ensuring your motors operate optimally, regardless of the challenges they encounter.

(Content last updated August 30, 2023.)