Kollmorgen is pleased to announce that it has recently released it’s MOTIONEERING® Application Engine version 6.0 Software incorporating a complete family of rotary and actuation systems mated to it’s new AKD™ drive family.

Kollmorgen's Motioneering Software

New linear application sizing capability is now available to enhance its already proven rotary application sizing and selection functionality. Using a mechanism project concept for the collection and saving of multiple axes of load information, MOTIONEERING® can automatically calculate application results and compare against a database catalog of systems – recommending the most optimized set of Kollmorgen system solutions available.
The engine has the flexibility to sum the effects of multiple axes of motion for power supply and shunt regeneration sizing (rotary applications only). Versatile units-of-measure selection options for mechanism and motion profile data-entry, with the ability to convert data into other available units, makes this a convenient international tool. A user-friendly Help file explains program functions, definition of terms, and algorithms used to perform application results.
MOTIONEERING 6.0 Includes:


  • AKD drive systems with most rotary and linear positioning products 
  • Electric Cylinder sizing and selection with AKM Servomotor systems 
  • Rodless Actuator with AKM Servomotor systems (performance curves included) 
  • Precision Table with AKM Servomotor systems (performance curves included) 
  • PDF report functionality (includes application, drive, motor, positioner, and system specifications all in one easy-to-read report) 



  • Group multiple mechanisms within a “Project” – organize and combine data for power supply and regeneration sizing 
  • Types of mechanisms for analysis include lead screw, rack and pinion, conveyor, nip rolls, rotary and direct drive linear motor 
  • Motion profile options include simple triangle, 1/3-1/3-1/3 trapezoidal, variable traverse trapezoidal, and more 
  • Search results display shows color highlighted solution set of options for easy evaluation of system specifications and selection 

Supported Operating Systems:
– Microsoft® Windows 2000, XP, Vista
Visit the link below to download our latest version:

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