A new White Paper by Alan Clements and Robert Mullins, Harmonic Drive LLC, published in Machine Design

Harmonic Drive Lightweight Gearhead

Harmonic Drive Lightweight Gearhead

High performance means different things to different people. In the world of factory automation, high performance means superior dynamic performance of the robot.  Dynamic performance is defined by fast cycle times (high acceleration/deceleration, high speed, and short settling time), smooth trajectory, and large payload capacity for a robot of a given size.  In addition, both positioning accuracy and repeatability are typically essential for high-performance automation.  Accuracy is how closely a robot can reach a commanded position.  The difference or error between the actual position of the robot and the commanded position is defined as accuracy.

Repeatability, on the other hand, is how closely the robot returns to that programmed position after moving to another position.  Repeatability is related but different from accuracy and is typically the more important criterion for a robot…

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