Lintech’s offering of linear ball bushings and pillow blocks has grown significantly over the years to include inch closed, inch open, European metric closed, European metric open, Japanese closed and Japanese open styles.  The “closed” styles mean that the bushing circles the precision shaft completely and the shaft is held in place at both ends.  The “open” style means that the shaft is supported from the bottom and, therefore, there is a slot in the bushing to account for the support rail.
There are a number of companies manufacturing ball bushings and pillow block bushings for precision linear shafting.  Lintech provides on its website, a drop-in replacement chart for all styles offered so you can determine the Lintech drop-in part number for other suppliers.  See below the drop-in replacement chart for the LBC linear ball bearing.

Additional information on Lintech’s offering of linear ball bushings and pillow blocks can be viewed at:
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