Application: High Speed Label Applicator

Industry: Packaging Automation & Material Handling

Macron 135 Series Belt-Driven Actuator

Macron 135 Series Belt-Driven Actuator


A client in the packaging and material handling industry required a stable, secure multi-axis system that was capable of carrying an 80lb. labeling machine with vertical and horizontal movement, while matching carton speed and position to apply labels to packages of varying sizes travelling on a pass through conveyor.


To provide the client with XY movement, Macron Dynamics supplied the bulk mailing company with a system composed of three MSA-135 belt-driven actuators, capable of horizontal or vertical motion. The result was a multi-axis linear system adjustable to different heights and widths to apply labels to a steady stream of various sized, randomly oriented packages. The system provides agile movement at 80″ per second to successfully label each individual, different sized package passing at a rate of up to 1 per second.

System benefits:

The heavy duty construction of the linear actuators provided a system stable enough to hold the 80lb. labeler while withstanding high speed movement. A zero backlash belt to pulley design provides a smooth, fluid movement to successfully apply labels to a constant stream of individually sized packages.