Part of the luxury and joy behind owning a convertible, is being able to drive the open road with the top down. The AIRCAP® system offered by Mercedes-Benz in their E-class convertible allows for a pleasurable experience when taking advantage of pristine weather conditions. The AIRCAP® is an automatic draft stop that can be activated at the push of a button. It greatly reduces interior turbulence and provides a more comfortable experience for drive and passenger alike. Inside this system is a maxon drive system for Aircap systems.

AIRCAP® System

The AIRCAP® is entirely embedded within the car body and concealed in the windshield when not in use. When activated, an aerodynamically shaped wind deflector extends on top of the windshield without disfiguring the vehicle’s esthetic sideline.

There are two components of the AIRCAP®: an electrically operated wind deflector built into the windshield frame and wind blocker located between the rear head cushions. Activation of the AIRCAP® increases air’s free flow over the car interior which results in reduced air pressure and reverse air flow. The results? Increased driving comfort, reducing wind noise, and reduced interior turbulence.

maxon Drive System

A maxon drive system moves the AIRCAP®. At its core is a motor/gear combination designed specifically for the application based on a maxon A-max 22 DC motor and a customized gearbox with three separate reduction stages. The requirements for this drive system included: comfort, miniature installation space, screwless assembly technique suitable for high volume production, power density, and dependability. Prominent characteristics are compact, robust design, high capacity, silent, highly dynamic ganging, self-locking output in both end positions, and handling-optimized, screwless assembly into the windshield frame. This drive system takes up only 22 mm of installation height and drives the three outputs for bracing, adjusting of the lamella module, and latching of the AIRCAP® in a fixed, coordinated, and synchronized ratio. While being deployed this drive system overcomes wind ram pressures beyond 250 km/h (155 mph) by torques of up to 7 Nm.

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