Implantable Medication Delivery Systems

Implantable medication delivery systems are widely used in patients who suffer from chronic pain, metabolic disorders, diseases of the Central Nervous System or tumor diseases. All of these ailments require accurately dosed medication for treatment. Implanted in the patient’s lower abdomen directly underneath the skin, these devices deliver accurate, predetermined doses of medication at defined times throughout the day. They feature a wireless data interface where dosage can be adjusted as well as internal medication reservoirs that can be refilled by specialists on a regular basis.

The lifespan of these products can span years and is only limited by the life of the battery itself. At the core of these implants is a piston pump and micro drive for implantable medication delivery system, perfectly suited for this unique application.

Advantages of Implantable Medication Delivery Systems

There are several life-changing advantages for patients needing consistent medication. Without this device, many patients would otherwise be confined to a clinic where medication could consistently be administered. By giving some patients a life away from the clinic and reducing the need for repetitive invasive and painful operations, overall quality of life is significantly improved. This device also mitigates and lowers the risk for medication dependence.

maxon medical

maxon medical manufactures the high-precision motor drives and piston pumps that make up these implantable medication delivery devices. Having achieved ISO 13485 certification in December of 2008, their quality management system and project organization lay the foundation for a sound basis upon which to achieve statutory approval of final products.

Strict maintenance of statutory requirements takes top priority in implementing medical technology with risk class IIb + III. All production processes, production and testing systems fall under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice, Commission Direction 2003/94/EC). Maxon medical meets the highest of customer requirements from choosing suitable suppliers to a multi-tiered approach to quality control. The detailed process control characterizes maxon medical and is an indispensable component that guarantees the high quality of micro drives used for active implants.

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