Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions, Inc., a premier manufacturer of linear motion products, introduces the KERK® ½ inch WDG Series leadscrew and nut assembly with a compact design and anti-backlash capability that optimizes system stiffness without sacrificing product life or resulting in excessive drag.

Haydon Kerk's Anti-backlash Leadcrew/Nut Assembly Series

Designed for precision positioning, the WDG anti-backlash nut features a patented wedge design that locks the nut at the correct preload without causing excessive friction. Shorter than other self-compensating nuts with similar performance, the WDG Series permits the design of more compact mechanical assemblies without sacrificing stroke length or performance.
Ideally suited for applications that require precise positioning and the elimination of backlash between the lead screw and nut interface, the WDG self-lubricating acetal nut provides durability and strength. Available in diameters ranging from 3/16″ up to and including ½” and a wide range of leads, the WDG Series can also be designed with end machining to client specifications.
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