Don’t let inconsistent, erratic motion put your linear motion system in a bind
Tolomatic’s new white paper, Rules of Actuator and Guide Alignment in Linear Motion Systems provides helpful pointers and suggestions on how to best mount linear actuators in accordance with guide alignment components in linear motion systems.

Rules of Actuator and Guide Alignment White Paper

Rules of Actuator and Guide Alignment White Paper

Learn how to keep linear motion systems performing at their peak:

  • Discover the best types of compliance members to use with both rod-style and rodless actuators to extend actuator life.
  • Learn the three variables that affect parallelism when mounting linear actuators.
  • Find out why perpendicularity when mounting linear actuators is so important in X-Y-Z and gantry systems.

This white paper will discuss the importance of compliance members to provide the “wiggle room” necessary to keep an actuator from binding
and improve its overall performance.
Automated machines rely on linear guidance components to guide and support moving elements in the equipment. These moving elements are oftentimes driven by a linear actuator device.
Download our whitepaper and learn how to:

  • Get consistent linear motion results
  • Achive expected life of a linear bearing system
  • Eliminate premature wear or system failure
  • Control erratic motion during cycle

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