Fast and easy with just a few parameters.

A new web tool by maxon motor, the leading provider of precision drives and systems, is now available at  The “maxon selection program” (MSP) looks for appropriate drive systems that match the individual specifications of the user.  In the simplest case scenario, the user only has to enter the supply voltage, the load speed and the load torque of the application.

The MSP is seamlessly integrated into the online catalog and e-shop of maxon motor, which contains 2700 products (brushed and brushless DC motors, gearheads, sensors, controllers).  This means the user can select and order the suggested drive systems online from anywhere in the world, around the clock.

For drive specialists, the MSP provides an advanced search with additional parameters for specifying the load, drive, control and environmental conditions.

More information on the Maxon Motor AG product family can be viewed at