For the use in high speed medical applications of up to 90’000 rpm, maxon motor extends the product range by two sterilizable 50 Watt brushless servo motors; the “EC Size 5” and “EC 13”. Stand-alone, or as a motor/gear combination the motors stand out by high power, extremely low-noise and low-vibration operation, marginal heat generation and minimal size – welcome characteristics particularly in medical handheld power tools.

Maxon's EC13 Sterilizable Motor

Both motors were born from their 30 Watt relatives but offer an additional 50% of torque with only 11 mm of extra length. EC 13 and EC Size 5 are of identical design and possess equal “personal qualities”. They deliver torques of up to 8 mNm with an efficiency of 90%.
As far as their “outward appearance” is concerned, they perfectly match their respective field of application: Motor and gearhead of the Size 5 variant possess a ½ inch outside diameter and a shaft of Ø0.125 inch. The 13 mm variant comes with an outer diameter of 13 mm, an Ø3 mm shaft and a flange with 3 face side threads.
Both motors are characterized by their similarities: A special compact design particularly adapted for medical use, a very high nominal speed, quiet running, minimized heat generation and sterilizability in the autoclave. The motors are available with Hall sensors or sensorless and with three different windings. The gearheads come in reductions of 5:1 to 125:1, with or without output end shaft seal.
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