Maxon releases a new family member of Maxon EC micro drives family – the EC 8.
“Tiny, but tough”. The EC 8 convinces by its high torque of 0.92 mNm in the 5 digit speed range. Thus, the motor closes the power gap between the populr EC 6 and EC 10 motors.

Maxon's EC 8 Brushless Servo Motor

Besides the well-known advantages of an EC motor – durability and high speed range – the motor offers an efficiency of approximately 70%. This is being accomplished by an optimized design of the magnetic return and the use of high quality neodymium magnets.
In addition to top performance, the EC 8 is manufactured to the Medical Standard ISO 13485.
Contributing to it’s high quality is a laser welding process for the asembly of the motor/gear and shaft/pinion, whereby the combination comes in one single piece.
The EC 8’s intelligent assembly concept perfectly suits manually assembled lots, as well as fully automated high volume production.
With its outstanding qualifications, the EC 8 motor feels is found in many applications, such as: Sampling robots, insulin pumps, portable analyzers, collimators, surgical microscopes, dosing systems, meters and numerators, inspection robots and a many more.
As a summary:  The EC 8 is a high torque, compact motor, built according to the highest quality standards.
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