1. LoPro® and DualVee® Conquer Fiberglass Debris

    A multi-bit lateral drill press drills various sized holes in different lengths and shapes of pultruded fiberglass profiles, at multiple locations along the profiles’ length.

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  2. Demystifying the Use of Frameless Motors in Robotics

    The use of frameless motors in robotics is often driven by the same factors that demand usage in other applications where a standard servo motor won’t work. The most common factor behind a decision to use frameless motors is the need for a compact form or environmental demands, yet a requirement for high power and torque density.

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  3. Harmonic Drive LLC adds new two-stage Ratios to planetary servo gearheads

    Harmonic Drive LLC adds new two-stage Ratios to planetary servo gearheads

    Harmonic Drive LLC, a leader in high precision motion control adds new two-stage ratios to its HPN Harmonic Planetary® gearhead line.  HPN planetary gears offer affordable pricing with short lead times.

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  4. Cures for Mechanical Resonance in Industrial Servo Systems.

    Mechanical resonance is a pervasive problem in servo systems. Most problems of resonance are caused by the compliance of power transmission components. Standard servo control laws are structured for rigidlycoupled loads. However, in practical machines some compliance is always present; this compliance often reduces stability margins, forcing servo gains down and reducing machine performance.

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  5. Electromate Inc. Recognized as a Best Workplace™ in Canada

    Electromate Inc. Recognized as a Best Workplace™ in Canada

    Electromate Inc. is proud to announce that it has been recognized as one of this year’s Best Workplaces™ in Canada.  This list, and related stories, will appear in a Special National Report on Thursday April 27, 2018 in The Globe and Mail.
    Electromate prides itself on its commitment to the principles of Kaizen, or continuous improvement.  This holds true for the professional and personal development of its employees which has greatly contributed to the creation of a company culture embodying the Core Values of Integrity, Innovation, Enthusiasm, Continuous Learning and Customer Advocacy.

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  6. Machine Optimization through DC Motor Selection

    Selecting the right DC motor is an important aspect of optimizing medical machine performance. There are so many motors on the market today, from heavy-duty AC motors to tiny DC brushless and stepper motors. To use any of the motors users must have a full understanding of the application parameters, including power, speed, torque, physical size, efficiency, lifetime expectations, and other requirements. There have literally been books published about each of these aspects, and to define them all accurately in a short article would be difficult to say the least.

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  7. Announcing 6 New Servo Drives capable of 100A peak and 60A continuous output

    This new power range comes with a variety of network options including EtherCAT, CANopen, POWERLINK, Modbus and more.

    Safe Torque Off (STO) functionality is included as a standard feature.
    Available now, these new models offer high efficiency in a compact design and are targeted towards AGVs and mobile applications.

    • 100 A Peak Current Output
    • 60 A Continuous Current Output
    • 20 – 80 VDC Supply Voltage
    • Safe Torque Off (STO) standard
    • High Efficiency
    • Compact Design

    Information on the 6 new servo drives from Advanced Motion Controls can be found at the links below:

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  8. Stepper Motor Basics

    A step motor is a brushless DC electric motor that moves in precise angles, called steps, by converting a series of electrical pulses into rotational motion. They will not produce continuous motion from a continuous input voltage, and it will stay at a particular position as long as the power is “on”. Step motors are controlled with the use of discrete electrical pulse signals. Each pulse will rotate the step motor shaft by a fixed angle called a “step”. Lin Engineering step motors have several different step angles to choose from (0.45°, 0.9°, 1.8°).

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  9. Raspberry Pi Interface with Galil Controllers

    An HMI or Human Machine Interface is needed in many motion control applications. These devices are used to allow a user to instruct a machine on what to do without the need of a full PC. There are many sources for HMIs and many can cost thousands of dollars. With the arrival of the Raspberry Pi Foundation and its Raspberry Pi models, a small but powerful option arrived. Adding to this, the official Raspberry Pi 7” touchscreen display, and the Galil application programmer interface this powerful trio form the foundation for an inexpensive but fully capable HMI that can be customized for any motion control application.

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  10. New 60mm OD Frameless Brushless Servo Motor Kits from Maxon

    With an outer diameter of only 60mm these frameless brushless servo motors are extremely compact.
    The new EC 60 Flat Frameless Brushless Servo Motor Kit from Maxon consist of only a rotor and stator – with no bearings or motor shaft.  With an outer diameter of only 60mm, these pancake servo motor kits are extremely compact.
    Available in size ranges from 70 Watt to 100 Watt, these EC (electronically commutated) frameless slotted motors feature low voltage windings, high pole pair count and are shipped as BLDC frameless motor kits.

    These Inner Rotor Slotted Motors feature:

    • Low voltage windings
    • High accel/decel capabilities
    • Low rotor inertia
    • High pole pair count
    • Lower cost vs. slotless motors

    The flat design, high torque output and hollow shaft construction provides plenty of space for cable glands which allows for a high level of integration into OEM applications such as C

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