1. Galil Motion Control Introduces The Galil Design Kit (GDK)

    New software environment adds scope and tuner to growing list of tools and capabilities


    ROCKLIN, Calif. — Galil Motion Control Inc., the industry leader in motion control technology, has released the Galil Design Kit. This is Galil’s newest software environment, providing easy communication with

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  2. Introducing the 35mm diameter CBL35C Programmable Electric Moving Coil Servo Actuator from SMAC Corporation

    Introducing the 35mm diameter CBL35C electric cylinder with built-in controller from SMAC Corporation. With its built-in controller, the CBL35C controls force, position and velocity and features simple installation.

    Ideal for applications with limited space

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  3. Zero-Backlash Servo Rotary Indexing Table from Sankyo Automation

    The Sankyo Automation RollerDrive® Reducer is a precision gear reducer that uses a zero backlash roller gear mechanism. The unit is constructed from an input shaft and a turret (output shaft) that is assembled with roller followers. The roller followers are preloaded against a screw-like input shaft to eliminate backlash.

    Sankyo servo indexing

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  4. High Performance Servo Gearbox is ideal for Cyclic or Continuous High Speed Applications

    The SPH inline planetary gearbox is GAM’s latest solution for today’s demanding motion control challenges. With helical gears, the SPH is designed for

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  5. Complete Guided Motion Solutions from A to X-Y-Z

    Bishop-Wisecarver invented and patented DualVee Motion Technology® more than 40 years ago to provide a solution for harsh environment applications where existing technologies were ineffective. DualVee® also proved excellent for long length, smooth motion and low noise requirements.

    Today, Bishop-Wisecarver remains the recognized expert and the most trusted name in guide wheel technology, with the widest range of guide wheel based linear motion products in the world.
    Benefits of Guide Wheel Technology include:

    • Harsh Environments
    • Long Lengths
    • Low Noise
    • Smooth, Low Friction Motion
    • Speeds up to 5.5 meters/sec
    • Acceleration up to 5 g’s
    • High Temperature, Low Temperature
    • Clean Room Options
    • Ease of Assembly, Low Cost Installation
    • Low Maintenance

    Click below or on the image for more information.
    Bishop-Wisecarver Cat

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  6. Knowledge is power. Learn all about electric linear actuators with Tolomatic's e-book

    Download theTolomatic e-book: A Resource on Electric Linear Actuators: What a machine designer needs to know


    Why electric actuators?

    How to select the right actuator

    Electric actuator applications that improve efficiency

    How to define a true total cost of ownership in an installation

    …and much more!
    Tags:  Electric Linear Actuator, Rod Style Actuator, Rodless Actuator, Tolomatic, Electromate

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  7. Electromate Certified As A Great Workplace



    Kaizen, team cooperation and a great working environment help certify Electromate® as a Great Workplace

    Toronto, Ontario—July 20, 2017.   Electromate® Inc.— one of the country’s leading providers of high performance Factory Automation Products—is proud to announce that they have been certified as a GREAT WORKPLACE after a thorough and independent analysis conducted by Great Place to Work® Canada.  This certification is based on direct feedback from employees, provided as part of an extensive and anonymous survey about the Electromate® workplace experience.

    Electromate® prides itself on its commitm

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  8. New 52mm Brushless DC (BLDC) motor design

    Maxon motors new optimisation of the High Torque 52mm brushless motor gives even greater performance.

    Maxon EC-i 52mm BLDC Servo Motor

    Maxon EC-i 52mm BLDC Servo Motor

    The EC-i 52mm brushless DC motor from maxon has had the iron-wound internal rotor motor redesigned from 7 pole pairs to 8 pole pairs. This significantly reduces the vibration and noise output of the DC motor. Available in three voltage outputs, 18, 24 and 48V the 52mm 180 W brushless DC motors produce up to 6,000 rpm.
    With a correspondingly optimised magnet ring, the brushless EC-i motors with iron windings offer a very high torque density and a low

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  9. CBL35C Series Electric Cylinder with Built-in Controller

    SMAC CBL35C Programmable Electric Cylinder

    SMAC CBL35C Programmable Electric Cylinder

    Introducing the 35mm diameter CBL35C electric cylinder with built-in controller. The new CBL35C series electric cylinder with built-in controller in a single package enables the direct replacement of existing pneumatic cylinders and retro-fits without any machine modifications required. With our built-in controller, the CBL35C can control the force, speed and velocity profile. The CBL35C with built-in controller allows simple installation and effective use of space.
    The CBL35C provides significantly longer life,

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  10. New DMC-3x014-Box 1-Axis Controller box w/ internal 20W linear brushless servo drive w/ sine commutation

    Galil DMC-30014Galil is introducing a new single axis linear drive package: the DMC-3×014. The new DMC-3×014 contains a 20W linear brushless servo drive with sinusoidal commutation. The transconductance linear amplifier has an operating gain of 0.2 A/V, with a current loop bandwidth of 4 kHz. The amplifier can drive brushless motors and voice coil motors operating at up to 1 Amp continuous, and 2 Amp peak at 15-40 VDC.
    Trapezoidal commutation can have discontinuities and produce a torque ripple. This is because the torque characteristics of the motor are only taken into account in six zones. With sinusoidal commutation, the torque characteristics of the motor are mapped to all positions, resulting in continuous co

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