Planetary Gearheads, Inline & MultiDrive

Planetary Gearboxes are constructed with a sun gear, ring gear and planetary gears. The sun gear is the central gear which is fixed in the center, ring gear (annulus ring) which is the outer ring with inward-facing teeth, and the planetary gears which rotate around the sun gears and mesh with both the sun and ring gear. Planetary gearboxes are used in applications requiring low backlash, compact size, high efficiency, resistance to shock, and a high torque to weight ratio.

Electromate® offers one of the largest selections of Precision Inline Gear Reducers in the world. Models range from 0 backlash to 20 arc-minutes backlash, in frame sizes 4 mm to 350 mm (including most NEMA sizes), producing 0.002 Nm to 10,000 Nm of torque and with ratios from 1:1 to 6285:1.

Our gearing products include:

  • Inline Planetary Gearhead Products, Low Backlash
  • Inline Planetary Gearhead Products, Standard Backlash
  • MultiDrive Planetary Gearhead Products
  • Planetary Gearheads for Extreme Environment Downhole Drilling Motors
  • Planetary Gearheads for Mini Motors
  • Planetary Gearheads for Mini Motors Sterilizable

Electromate's Planetary Gearbox family includes:

HPN Series - HPN Harmonic Planetary® value series provides a low cost solution without the need to compromise on quality or performance.  The HPN Series features helical gears for High –Torque, quiet performance and long life.  Backlash of <5 arc minutes (for single stage) is maintained for the life of the gear.  Large radial ball bearings support the output shaft for high load capacity. HPN Harmonic Planetary® gears are available with a smooth output shaft or a shaft with a key and tapped center hole.  The HPN gearheads are available with short lead times and are designed to couple to any servo motor with our Quick Connect™ coupling.


HPG Series (Inline Planetary Gearheads) - The Harmonic Planetary gearhead features an innovative Flex Ring Gear that automatically adjusts for backlash, ensuring consistent, low backlash for the life of the gearhead.   As compared to other planetary designs, where gear wear increases backlash over time, the Harmonic Planetary maintains the same low backlash for the life of the gearhead. The design engineer is ensured of consistently low backlash, without the annoying backlash creep of other designs.


HPGP Series (High Torque Inline Planetary Gearheads) - Harmonic Drive® now offers a NEW high-torque planetary gearhead based upon our high precision HPG Harmonic Drive® Planetary® gears.  The HPGP series achieves 33% higher torque while maintaining high precision through use of our innovative ring-gear technology and high moment stiffness through use of an integral cross-roller output bearing.  The HPGP series achieves longer life and can allow smaller gearheads to be used in your system.  View a 2minute YouTube video on the operation of the HPGP Gearhead: HPGP YouTube Video .




Shimpo Gearhead Selection Chart


Shimpo Gearhead Selection Chart

Maxon Gearhead Selection Chart

Micron Gearhead Selection Chart

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