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New EtherCAT Drive from Galil Motion Control

ROCKLIN, Calif. — The EDD-3701x EtherCAT slave drive joins Galil’s EtherCAT Family. This family has grown to include two EtherCAT masters and an I/O slave with both digital and analog I/O points. The EDD-3701x is a motor amplifier that operates in an EtherCAT distributed system where there are up to 32 slave drives and one master. It has a daisy chain topology using standard CAT5 Ethernet cables.

Selecting the right actuator to replace hydraulic cylinders White Paper

Hydraulic cylinders, known for their high force at an affordable cost, have been widely used in factory automation equipment and other special automation equipment for decades. Hydraulics are rugged, relatively simple to deploy and provide a low cost per unit of force. The electric counterpart, electric rod actuator (cylinders), have become more flexible, precise and reliable with increasingly larger force capacities. In addition, electric actuators offer performance benefits, lower maintenance requirements, no contamination, higher efficiency, better motion control, quiet operation and in many cases a lower cost of ownership.

State of the Art – the next Generation NEMA23 Integrated Stepper Motors

Birkerød, Denmark - JVL Industri Elektronik A/S, one of the world’s leading producers in the field of integrated servo and stepper motors, proudly announces a completely new generation of the NEMA23 integrated stepper motors that have proved their value for many years.

Complete Guided Motion Solutions from A to X-Y-Z

Bishop-Wisecarver invented and patented DualVee Motion Technology® more than 40 years ago to provide a solution for harsh environment applications where existing technologies were ineffective. DualVee® also proved excellent for long length, smooth motion and low noise requirements.

Electromate Inc. Recognized as a Best Workplace™ in Canada

Electromate Inc. is proud to announce that it has been recognized as one of this year’s Best Workplaces™ in Canada. This list, and related stories, will appear in a Special National Report on Thursday April 27, 2018 in The Globe and Mail.

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