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Harmonic Planetary® Gears Offer Low Backlash for Life.

New models are being added to our planetary Quick Connect ® gearhead line. Building a high precision actuator is easily achieved by coupling any servomotor to one of our precision Quick Connect® servo gearheads.

Closed-Loop Motor Feedback with the Absolute Advantage

However, with the introduction of POSITAL’s absolute kit encoders at prices more in line with incremental devices, system designers don’t have to work around the shortcomings of incremental feedback in an absolute position world.

ServoStep Integrated Stepper Motor in size NEMA 17, torque up to 0,8 Nm

Birkerød, Denmark - JVL Industri Elektronik A/S, one of the world leaders in the field of integrated servo - and stepper motors introduce a new compact and slim stepper motor. The new ServoStep integrated stepper motor series MIS171 to MIS176 have a NEMA 17 42x42 mm flange and include controller with 6 different industrial Ethernet protocols, absolute multiturn encoder, closed loop and M12 connectors. This new motor family is based on the latest microprocessor and cooling technology and an advancement compared to previous designs.

POSITAL Sensors – Precision Feedback for Collaborative Robots

Encoders measure rotation and return a digital signal that reports the angle of rotation (absolute encoders) or rate of motion (incremental encoders) to the control system.

Second Consecutive Year Electromate is Certified as a Great Place To Work®

Electromate Inc. is proud to announce that for the Second Consecutive Year it has been Certified as a Great Place to Work®.

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