An Educated Consumer Is Our Best Customer™

At Electromate® customer education and training are Priority One! This section serves to provide our customers with a wealth of technical information for the products displayed throughout our site.

Motion Control Terminology

The Motion Control Terminology Primer is a two-page concise White Paper covering the following topics:

  • Motion Control
  • Motion Controllers
  • Drives and Amplifiers
  • Motors
  • Feedback Sensors
  • Mechanical Systems

Electromate® provides Motion Control at the Speed of Technology™. Ask a question related to Motion Control and we'll strive to get you an answer ASAP. The best questions/answers will be posted in the 'Technical Support Information' Category of our Blog.

Educational Resources:


The A to Z guide to automation and mechatronics. 

Videos & Webinars

Hundreds of educational videos spanning across dozens of manufacturers and product lines.

Smart Motion Cheat Sheet

Created to provide the system designer the information most commonly used to properly determine the torque at speed required by a given application.

Application Worksheets

Hundreds of educational videos spanning across dozens of manufacturers and product lines.

Software Tools:

MOTIONEERING Software by Kollmorgen

Sizing frameless motors and drive systems has never been easier.

The Engineering's Toolbar by Kollmorgen

Provides a convenient engineering toolbar to facilitate common technical calculations.

The Performance Curve Generator by Kollmorgen


This tool offers the machine/system designer the opportunity to optimize the overall system.

  • See how a different bus voltage might change system performance.
  • Investigate how different amplifier current ratings impact motor performance.
  • Check the impact of ambient temperature on system performance.
  • See what limiting the max “touch” temperature of the motor will have on performance.

Programs, Grants, and Incentives

Young Engineers Outreach Program

If you're a College or University teacher or student with an idea, we may be able to help.

Canadian Grant, Incentive, and Bursary Programs

Helping new businesses grow is a key component of what inspires everyone at Electromate. 

Other Helpful Tools

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