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Robotic systems are used to complete a range of actions with both humans and the environment, while simultaneously providing valuable information to the end user. They do so by utilizing a mix of sensors, actuators, and human interfaces.

Robotic systems help automate manufacturing applications. Today, they are used in almost every manufacturing-focused industry. Utilizing these systems has proven to reduce labor and production costs, while also reducing manufacturing process time.

Manual labor has dominated the manufacturing landscape for centuries, but recent strides in robotic systems have revolutionized the process. Adopters of robotic systems are able to produce a superior-quality products in a repeatable manner, often in a reduced amount of time. Additionally, robotic systems frequently replace manual labor in harsh environments where human safety is a concern.

The core benefits of investing in a robotic solution are:

  • Lower operating and capital costs
  • More efficient material use and less waste
  • Increased product consistency
  • Increased throughput
  • Improved workplace safety
  • Saves space and increases the flexibility of your production floor
  • It creates new opportunities for your employees and your business

There are three types of robotic systems, but Electromate specializes in providing solutions related to manipulation type robotic systems. Manipulation robotic systems are regularly used in the manufacturing industry. They are made up of 4-6 axis robot arms with varying degrees of freedom, and can perform several functions, including machine tending, dispensing, assembly, welding, material handling, finishing, inspection and material removal applications.

Respected by customers as a premiere source for Robotic & Mechatronic Solutions, Electromate specializes in:

  • Collaborative Robots
  • SCARA Robots
  • Cartesian Robots (Tri-Bot, H-Bot, T-Bot configurations)
  • Gantry Robots (X/Y/Z configurations)
  • Linear Robots
  • Tabletop Robots

Our products fill diverse and unique needs, and perform in almost any imaginable environment. All of which are supported via extensive product selection, just-in-time inventory, dedicated customer service and technical engineering support.

Robotic System Products We Provide:

Articulated Six-Axis Robots

More flexible than standard or traditional industrial robots. Compact and able to operate directly alongside people without safety cages or fencing. Deployed for a wide variety of tasks like machine tending, welding, packaging, and palletizing. Found in manufacturing/industrial environments, but have the flexibility to be used in a variety of markets from agriculture, medical, and pharma.

Collaborative Robots (Cobots)

Collaborative robots help manufacturers address labor shortages for undesirable jobs, while increasing productivity and competitiveness. The cost of integrating a traditional industrial robot into your plant can be tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. By comparison, the upfront costs of implementing a collaborative robot is well within the range of an equivalent factory worker’s annual salary.

Application Kits

Application kits attach to a six-axis robot or cobot. Grippers, end effectors, and other components are combined with software provide a complete out of box solution for multiple applications like sanding, polishing, bin picking, or palletizing.

Linear Robots (Gantry, Cartesian, and Tabletop)

Gantry Robots have two bases X axes and a second Y axis which moves between the two bases axes. Has a single linear actuator per axis. Can have bigger payloads  and typically greater stroke lengths than Cartesian robots. Cartesian robots have three principal axes of control that are linear and are at right angles to each other. This arrangement simplifies a robot control arm solution. It has high reliability and precision when operating in three-dimensional space.

SCARA Robots

A Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm. Used for pick-and-place and assembly operations.  High speed and highly accurate. Can operate at higher speed and with optional cleanroom specification.

Robot/Cobot Grippers

Grippers are the hands of a robot arm, allowing it to pick up and hold different objects. They are used with collaborative robots to automate a number of assembly, pick/place, and machine tending jobs. Grippers can be combined with different end effectors to increase the number of jobs it can complete.

Robot/Cobot Tool Changers

A device fixed on the wrist of the robot, allowing for switching between several tools in the same area, able to complete a set of tasks. If an operation requires assembly, testing, and material handling, then the robotic tool changer switches tools as needed. Robotic tool changers are time savers when you only have one robot station to carry out different processes.


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