Articulated & Six-Axis Robots

An articulated robot closely resembles/mimics the movement of a human arm. This type of robot has a number of rotary joints, ranging from a two simple jointed structure to ten or more interacting joints. These joints act as axes. The more joints added, the greater range of motion. In this section, we detail the six-axis solutions that Electromate provides. Six-axis robots are the most common type of robot used in industrial manufacturing, because they allow for articulated and interposed movement to any point within the working space. They're also able to complete a growing number of applications including material handling/removal, welding/sealing, painting/spraying, and picking.

Electromate offers a few different six-axis solutions, including the cobot line from Universal Robots, and the Meca500 from Mecademic. Universal Robots' collaborative robotic arm is commonly referred to as a "cobot". It differs from others in the market by being lightweight, simple to use and re-program, and easily moved around production facilities. The Meca500 is smaller than any industrial robot arm. It features an embedded controller, and plug‑and‑work automation components that easily interface with any computer or PLC. 

Articulated and Six-Axis Robot Product Lines We Carry:

Collaborative Robots

From Universal Robots. Used in manufacturing/industrial environments, but have the flexibility to be implemented in a variety of markets. More flexible than standard or traditional industrial robots. Compact and able to operate directly alongside people without safety cages or fencing. Deployed for a wide variety of tasks like machine tending, welding, packaging, and palletizing.

Small Industrial/Medical Robots

From Mecademic. Saves space, lowers costs, and maximizes flexibility in any automation application. Designed and manufactured in Canada using the highest quality components. This robot is a slave component rather than a master, which makes it easy to integrate via any computer or PLC. It doesn’t require any training courses, software installations, or additional option purchases.

The Six Axes and each of their functions:

  1. Rotates the robot at the base. 
  2. The forward and back extension of the robot's lower arm area.
  3. Raises and lowers the robot's upper arm area.
  4. Rotates and rolls the robot's upper arm at the wrist area.
  5. Raises and lowers the wrist of the robot's arm area.
  6. Rotates the wrist of the robot's arm area.

There is also a seventh-axis that adds elbow movement. It adjusts only the elbow angle without affecting the tool position. Adding the seventh axis of rotation gets you closer to the freedom of motion a human arm has, allowing the object to also be accessed from below or the opposite side. Please contact us for information on a compatible seventh-axis solution for your Cobot and/or Industrial Robot.


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  1. UR3e by Universal Robotics

    A smaller table-top robot, perfect for light assembly tasks and automated workbench scenarios.

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  2. UR5e by Universal Robotics

    A flexible and lightweight robotic arm with diverse application coverage and rapid/flexible deployment.

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  3. UR10e by Universal Robotics

    An Industrial robot arm with long reach for wide workspaces, diverse application coverage and rapid deployment.

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  4. UR16e by Universal Robotics

    For heavy machine tending, massive pick and place, and voluminous packaging.

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  5. UR20 by Universal Robotics

    Handles more tasks with 1750 mm reach and 20 kg payload capacity.

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  6. Meca500 EtherCat Master Controller Kit by Mecademic
    Meca500 EtherCat Master Controller Kit

    A ready-to-go pre-configured kit only available at Electromate.

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  7. Meca500 by Mecademic

    The world’s smallest, most precise six-axis industrial robot arm.

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