Cobot/Robot Accessories

Robot accessories is an all encompassing term for the tools used in conjunction with six-axis robots and collaborative robots. It includes grippers, end-effectors, tool changers, sensing / vision tools, and application kits. Electromate provides robot accessories that from brands like Mecademic, Robotiq, and Smartshift Robotics. We strive to be your one-stop for all robotic solutions. Contact us today and talk to a specialist who will help find the right solution.

Robot Accessories We Provide:

Robot Grippers

Grippers attach to six-axis robots and cobots in order to help complete a number of tasks. They can be combined with end effectors to complete even more jobs, and with tool changers to easily be moved from one workstation to another. They come in a number of configurations. 

Tool Changers

A device fixed on the wrist of the robot, allowing for switching between several tools in the same area, able to complete a set of tasks. If an operation requires assembly, testing, and material handling, then the robotic tool changer switches tools as needed. Robotic tool changers are time savers when you only have one robot station to carry out different processes.

End Effectors

End effectors attach to the six-axis robot/cobot and a tool (like a gripper) to add additional functionality. Common examples include power or pneumatics. 

Feeder Bin

Bin Feeders are used to feed small parts and pieces, in this case to a robot. Bin feeders come in a variety of configurations to serve a different number of applications.  

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