Bin Feeders for Robotic Systems

Bin Feeders are used (as the name implies) to feed small parts and pieces, in this case to a robot. Bin feeders come in a variety of configurations to serve a different number of applications. 

Electromate provides bin feeders in conjunction with six-axis robots, SCARA robots, and gantry robots. 

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  1. Classic Bowl System Feeder
    Classic Bowl System Feeder

    High-speed feeding with redundant orientation geometry possible

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  2. Clean Room Feeders - Class 10, ISO 4
    Clean Room Feeders - Class 10, ISO 4

    Doesn't require any additional enclosure due to extremely low particulate emission.

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  3. Box/Racetrack Style Fork Feeders
    Box/Racetrack Style Fork Feeders

    Allows parts to flow into a contained output area, while wrongly oriented parts recirculate into return tooling.

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  4. Parallel Tooling Style Fork Feeders
    Parallel Tooling Style Fork Feeders

    An extra device such as a drum or a riser is used to elevate parts from the return rail to the orientation rail.

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  5. Chip Feeders
    Chip Feeders

    Perfect for feeding tiny parts such as chip resistors and capacitors.

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  6. Drum Feeders
    Drum Feeders

    Perfect for parts that are relatively small and easily oriented.

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