Stepper Drives

Stepper Drives

Stepper systems (motor + drive) are open-loop systems which accept digital step & direction inputs provided by an "indexer" or "motion controller" which is basically a programmable pulse generator. Step & direction commands are typically generated from a PLC (programmable logic controller), signal generator, PC or programmable motion controller. The sequence of command pulses is "translated" into motion of the motor by the drive ("translator"). The result is a very cost effective all-digital Smart Motion System.

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The function of the stepper drive is to sequentially regulate the current into the motor phase windings in order to produce the desired motion. The switching scheme used in a drive (full-step, half-step, mini-step or micro-step) in combination with the mechanical construction of the motor determines the system resolution in discrete motor steps per revolution (steps/rev). While heat considerations ultimately limit the maximum torque from a given motor/drive system, the torque generated at speed is largely a function of the drive's ability to overcome the inductance of the motor windings and push the maximum current into the phase windings as quickly as possible without over-heating. 

There are many different types of stepper drives designed to accomplish this task (L/R, unipolar, bipolar, PWM/chopper, recirculating chopper, etc.).

When using a hybrid step motor, it is not recommended to use either a L/R or voltage drive. These drives provide constant voltage which create heat during operation and as a result will increase the motor's resistance. Any change to the motor's resistance will change the current supplied. Using a constant current drive, such as PWM/chopper drive, for all applications with hybrid motors is recommended. Note:  when using tin-can (can-stack) motors, these limits do not apply.

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