Pancake Stepper Motors & Gearmotors

The 80000 Series Pancake Stepper Motor, from Haydon Kerk, is designed for applications where accurate positioning, high torque and very thin packaging are desirable characteristics. This motor has a maximum diameter of 3.15" (80 mm) and is less than 1/2" (12.7 mm) thick. Typical two-phase can-stack motors have coils mounted alongside each other, requiring a certain minimum thickness.

This pancake motor features a patented design, in which one coil is mounted inside the other. The motor's permanent magnet rotor is a ring that is located in between the coils. Applications include business machines, computer peripherals and industrial equipment and automation. Accommodations can be made for configurations that require unipolar coils, special shafts and other mountings.

Pancake Step Motor Selection Chart

Pancake Stepper Motor Features:

  • 3.15" (80 mm) square
  • Less than 1/2" (12.7 mm) thick
  • 20 oz- inch of torque

Haydon Kerk also provides a compact, low profile Planetary Gear Train Pancake Stepper Motor with a specially engineered, single-stage planetary gear train. 

Low Profile Stepper Motor Features:

  • 3.15" (80 mm) square
  • 0.75 inch height
  • 100 oz- inch of torque

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