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TruTech Specialty Motors provides customer solutions with DC brushless servo motors and custom designed motors. We have standard motor designs from 40mm to 142mm with stocked components to deliver a motor to your specifications within one week. Custom motors and part set designs can be manufactured within 6 weeks. All manufacturing is performed at Fridley MN. In-house design, magnetizing, coil winding, assembly and test.

The TruTech Speciality Motor product family consists of: 

  • DC Brushless Servo Motors with our standard products from 40mm - 142mm in diameter 
  • Continuous torque ranges from 0.75 lb-in to 260 lb-in 
  • Custom motors from 15mm - 406mm, part sets, integrated solutions

While our manufacturing strength is the motor, we can manufacture customized part-sets that integrate with your components. Let us provide what you want, when you want it.

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