Draw Wire Encoders

Electromate offers POSITAL’s LINARIX draw wire sensors. They measure linear motion by displacing a stainless-steel wire wound around a wire drum. The drum actuates the rotary encoder coupled to it via a coupling. The wire in the housing is retracted by a spring. A proportional output is provided by the encoder. Measurements are accurate and reliable.

The LINARIX line offers measurement lengths ranging from 3 to 98 feet (1 to 30 meters). Position output is available in almost every available industrial interface, including both analog and digital, as well as incremental and absolute. The line features different mechanical options, housing materials, and springs to fit multiple applications.

Compared to conventional linear pots and linear measurement systems, the LINARIX line is more durable and can be used to replace other systems to, avoid common problems like slippage and wear. Draw wire sensors from POSITAL provide extremely precise measurements because of the inherent accuracy of encoders. Their construction ensures reliable performance even under extreme conditions.

Posital Draw Wire Encoder Breakout:




   A. Stainless-Steel Wire


   B. Wire Drum


   C. Rotary Encoder


   D. Coupling


   E. Spring

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