Brush & Brushless Mini Gearmotors

When performance is required at high torque levels and correspondingly low speeds, Maxon mini gearmotors are in their element. In addition to a wide standard range of spur and planetary gearheads, Maxon motor also excels in providing customized solutions, tailored to the customer's requirements. Cutting-edge materials and manufacturing processes are used (e.g. CIM/MIM). Maxon's planetary, spur and special gearheads perfectly compliment their entire motor product family. 

Maxon's family of Brush & Brushless Mini Gearmotors includes Maxon's family of EC (electronically commutated) and DC (direct current) motors paired with:

Maxon Planetary Gearheads


Planetary gearheads are suitable for transferring high torque. The larger gearheads are normally equipped with ball bearings at the gearhead output.

  • Torque up to 180 Nm
  • Reduction ratio of 4:1 to 6285:1
  • High power in a small space
  • For transferring high torques up to 180 Nm
  • External diameter 6–81 mm
  • Concentric gear input and output

Maxon KoaxdriveMaxon Koaxdrive

The quiet Maxon Koaxdrive gearhead combines worm and planetary gearheads. The signature characteristic of the drive is its unusually quiet running, even under heavy loads.

  • Quiet
  • High reduction ratio in the first stage
  • Combined with Maxon EC motors these low noise gearmotors are ideal for medical technology

Maxon Spindle Drives


Spindle drives transfer the power generated by the motor into linear feed rate and feed force. The output shaft's bearings can absorb highest axial loads.

  • Compact design due to direct integration of the spindle
  • Comprises planetary gearhead with radial and axial bearings
  • Designed for high forces and linear feed rates
  • Wide range of spindles to suite any application

Maxon Spur Gearheads


Spur gearheads are suitable for low torques. The gearheads consist of one or more stages. One stage represents the pairing of two cogwheels. The first toothed gear (pinion) is mounted directly on the motor shaft. The bearing of the output shaft is usually made of sintered materials.


  • Attractively priced
  • Output torque of up to 2 Nm
  • Reduction ratio of 6:1 to 5752:1
  • Low noise level
  • High efficiency
  • External diameter 12-45 mm

Brush/Brushless Mini Gearmotor Videos