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Six Ewellix lifting columnsSix Ewellix lifting columns

Electromate provides Ewellix Lifting Columns, known for their exceptional quality and operational efficiency. These lifting columns are precisely engineered to offer accurate, reliable, and effective vertical motion solutions, demonstrating the best of precision engineering.

Their robust design ensures high stability and durability, making them suitable for a wide range of applications across diverse domains, including healthcare, industrial settings, offices, and residential use. These columns are designed to perform consistently under various conditions.

Incorporating advanced technology, Ewellix Lifting Columns ensure fast operation, low noise, and minimal vibration. These features contribute to increased workspace productivity and safety, reducing noise pollution and enhancing the overall working environment.

The design of these lifting columns supports easy integration with various systems, fostering flexible and adaptable working environments. This interoperability allows for adjustments to be made in the workspace as required.

Acknowledging the unique requirements of different applications, Ewellix offers Customized Lifting Columns. This approach combines innovation, leading-edge technology, and extensive experience to deliver lifting columns specifically tailored to individual operational needs.

Ewellix offers custom stroke lengths, a variety of mounting options, and a range of load capacities, while also maintaining the highest standards of performance, safety, and quality. These tailored solutions enhance system performance and contribute to the creation of efficient, ergonomic work environments.

Ewellix Lifting Columns are suitable for diverse settings, including medical environments such as hospitals and clinics, industrial spaces like manufacturing plants and warehouses, office environments, and home use. They provide the ability to make adjustments and modifications based on specific needs.

Ewellix also offers extensive service and support, providing guidance on selecting the appropriate lifting column for specific needs. Their after-sales support aims to ensure minimal downtime and optimal performance. Thus, enhancing your vertical motion system with Ewellix can lead to improved quality and reliability.

Lifting Column Applications:

  • Healthcare Applications: Hospital beds, patient lifts, dental chairs, and other medical equipment that require precise and safe vertical movements.
  • Industrial Applications: Assembly lines, manufacturing equipment, packaging machinery, and other industrial machines where vertical motion is necessary for operations.
  • Office Applications: Adjustable workstations, standing desks, and other office furniture that promote ergonomics and flexibility in the workspace.
  • Home Applications: Adjustable beds, home automation systems, and other home appliances that require reliable vertical motion.
  • Accessibility Equipment: Wheelchair lifts, stair lifts, and other equipment designed to assist people with mobility impairments.
  • Automotive and Aerospace Applications: In manufacturing and maintenance processes requiring vertical movement, such as assembling parts or elevating heavy loads.
  • Retail and Display Applications: In adjustable shelving, product display stands, and automated storage systems.
  • Fitness Equipment: In adjustable gym equipment and rehabilitation devices requiring secure and smooth vertical adjustments.
  • Scientific and Laboratory Applications: Precision lab equipment, microscopy stages, and other devices that require accurate vertical positioning.

Lifting Column Products we Provide:

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CPSM Lifting Column by Ewellix

CPSM Lifting Column

Precise and durable vertical motion industrial automation and material handling.

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TXG Lifting Column by Ewellix

TXG Lifting Column

Ideal for industrial automation and ergonomic workstations.

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CPMB Lifting Column by Ewellix

CPMB Lifting Column

Versatile, precise, and durable for automation, packaging, and more.

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CPMA Lifting Column by Ewellix

CPMA Lifting Column

Ideal for automation, packaging, and more.

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TFG Lifting Colimn by Ewellix

TFG Lifting Colimn

Ideal for industrial automation, logistics, material handling, and more.

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CPMT Lifting Column by Ewellix

CPMT Lifting Column

High level of flexibility suitable for medical devices.

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TLT Lifting Column by Ewellix

TLT Lifting Column

For precise and robust vertical motion

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TLG Lifting Column by Ewellix

TLG Lifting Column

Robust, precise, and customizable for various applications.

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THG Lifting Column by Ewellix

THG Lifting Column

Ultra-Precise Lifting Columns

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LiftKit for Universal Robots by Ewellix

LiftKit for Universal Robots

7th axis solution for enhanced robotic automation.

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