PCI, PC/104, ISA BUS Motion Controllers

Galil Motion Control is the leading supplier of high-performance, cost-effective and easy-to-use controllers with over 500,000 controllers installed world-wide. Galil's complete line of Motion Controllers includes single and multi-axis; bus-based and stand-alone; and box-level and card-level controllers. The Accelera Series offers the highest speed and performance while the Econo Series is designed for the lowest cost. Galil's Single-Axis controller series offers cost-effective, compact solutions for single-axis applications.

Galil also offers many software tools for use with your controller such as communication utilities, servo tuning, and programming API for interface to C/C++, Visual Basic, LabVIEW or other programming environments.

Galil's ultra-high-speed Accelera Series represents its 5th generation motion controllers.  Pumped up with a powerful RISC processor, the Accelera series race along at much higher speeds than prior generation controllers. Features of the Accelera series include:

  • Processes commands in 40 microseconds–10 times faster than prior generationGalil DMC - 180 x 0 Small
  • Accepts encoder inputs as fast as 22MHz
  • Servo loop updates as high as 32kHz
  • Available in 1- through 8-axis models
  • Mix-and-Match steppers and servos
  • Handles virtually any mode of motion with ease
  • Expanded memory for variables, arrays and programs
  • Multitasking for running eight programs simultaneously
  • Optically isolated inputs and outputs
  • 8 uncommitted analog inputs
  • Accepts two encoders for every servo axis
  • Plug-in, multi-axis drives for DMC-40x0 save space, power and cost

Galil's Econo Series motion controllers deliver precise, multi-axis control in a low-cost package. Prices for the 4-axis Econo controllers are as low as $395 US/ea in 1,000 quantities which is less than $100 US per axis. Econo controllers don't stint on performance and can handle any mode of motion with precision and ease. Advanced coordinated motion allows for tightly coupled, high-speed motion among axes without having to burden the host computer. Features of the Econo series include:

  • Mix-and-Match steppers and servos
  • Handles virtually any mode of motion with ease
  • 1000+ lines x 80 chr program memory; 8000+ element arrays; 254+ variables
  • Multitasking for running eight programs simultaneously
  • Uncommitted inputs and outputs
  • Add-on amplifier options for DMC-41x3
  • Compact size

Galil's complete family of single and multi-axis controllers and software includes:

Multi-Axis Controllers

  • DMC-18x6 - PCI Accelera Series 1-8 axis Controllers
  • DMC-18x2 - PCI Econo Series 1-4 axis Controllers

Prior Generation Products

  • DMC-18x0 - PCI Optima Series 1-8 axis Controllers
  • DMC-17x0 - ISA Optima Series 1-8 axis Controllers
  • DMC-12x0 - PC/104 Optima Series 1-8 axis Controllers
  • DMC-1411 - PC/104 1 axis Controller
  • DMC-1417 - PCI 1 axis motion Controller
  • DMC-10x0 - ISA Legacy Series 1-8 axis Controllers

Software Products

  • GalilSuite - Servo Tuning and Analysis Software with Program Editor and Terminal
  • GalilTools - Set-up, Tuning and Analysis Software
  • GalilPVT - Galil PVT Software for PVT mode of Motion
  • Frequency Analysis Software - Servo Tuning Software in Frequency Domain


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