Linear Robots - Gantry & Cartesian Systems

Linear robots are also referred to as gantry or cartesian robots. Gantry robots run on two axis (XY) and cartesian robots run on three axis (XYZ). As the name implies, these types of robots generally move in a straight line. They are best suited for more simple tasks that don't require the range of motion a six-axis robotic arm would.

The cartesian robot is one of the most used type of linear robot for industrial applications. They've even made it into many peoples' homes in the form of 3D Printers. Electromate offers a number of linear robot configurations from Intelligent Actuator Inc and Macron Dynamics. Learn more about each type of available configuration below.  

Linear Robot Product Lines We Carry:

X/Y Gantry Robots

Explore our range of XY gantry systems from Macron Dynamics and find the perfect motion control solution for your mechatronic and robotic engineering projects. Experience the benefits of high-precision motion control and elevate the performance of your applications.

X/Y/Z Cartesian Gantries

We provide a comprehensive range of advanced XYZ Cartesian systems, robots, and solutions specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of mechatronic and robotic engineers. 

X/Y/Z Heavy-Duty Cartesian Gantries

Designed for mechatronic and robotic engineers who require robust, high-load motion control solutions for their toughest projects. These systems provide superior strength and durability, handling higher payloads while maintaining high precision and repeatability.

H-Bot Gantry Robots

  • Max Load: 50lbs.
  • Standard X Travels: 500 to 2000 mm
  • Standard Y Travels: 500 to 1000 mm
  • High speed/performance 2 axis Cartesian
  • Simple design: One single belt drives both axes
  • Positional repeatability +/- .10 mm [.004 inches]

T-Bot Gantry Robots

  • Max Load: 50lbs.
  • Standard X Travels: 500 to 2000 mm
  • Standard Z Travels: 250 to 500 mm
  • Fast/versatile 2 axis Pick & Place system
  • Positional repeatability +/- .10 mm [.004 inches]
  • Speeds up to 4 M/sec.

The ServoBelt

ServoBelt™ Linear actuators redefine the classic belt drive, putting belts to work in an entirely new way that reduces the positioning errors and speed limitations of conventional belt drives. With speeds up to 4 m/s, accuracy to ± 4 µm per meter and bi-directional repeatability of ± 1 encoder count, ServoBelt Linear compares favorably to high-end linear motor drives costing thousands more. A single ServoBelt Linear axis will support multiple carriages with independent motion. Multi-axis configurations include Cartesian motion systems and gantry robots.

TT Table-Top Series Robots

Compact, easy to use, high-performance tabletop robots are available at amazingly low prices.  The TT employs a rigid base, ball screw and servo control motor for precision and eliminating missteps.

High-speed Cartesian Robot CT4

A high-speed four-axis Cartesian robot that shortens assembly/inspection cycle times by operating at high speed, ensuring high rigidity and demonstrating excellent straight moving performance!

ISPA/ICSPA Single-Axis & Cartesian Robot Series

 The ISPA is a high-precision positioning system comprised of a base, linear guides, ball screw and AC Servo motor. It achieves high rigidity through a smaller size and a Base-Integrated Guide Structure.

ROBO Cylinder® IK Series Multi-Axes

The extensive lineup of the IK Series offers many multi-axes variations and can be easily integrated and prepared to your specific needs.  The IK Series includes everything needed for fast and easy assembly.

NS / LSA ISA Cartesian System

Multi-slider Type Cartesian robots in both NS and LSA Linear Servo versions.  Available in 2 to 6 axes, the high-performance actuators will enable operations requiring long stroke and high acceleration / deceleration.

Linear & Gantry Robot Products:

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MCS-UC2 Cartesian System by Macron Dynamics

MCS-UC2 Cartesian System

Heavy-Duty XYZ Gantry, High-Load Motion Control

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MCS-UC1 Cartesian System by Macron Dynamics

MCS-UC1 Cartesian System

MCS-UC1: Ultra Heavy-Duty XYZ Gantry, Extreme Load Handling

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MGS-14S Gantry System by Macron Dynamics

MGS-14S Gantry System

Compact XY Gantry, Space-Efficient, Macron Dynamics

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MGS-R20 Gantry System by Macron Dynamics

MGS-R20 Gantry System

Heavy-duty, high-capacity motion control for high loads.

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MGS-R65 Gantry System by Macron Dynamics

MGS-R65 Gantry System

Versatile system, high-precision motion control, broad applications.

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MGS-PSC Gantry System by Macron Dynamics

MGS-PSC Gantry System

High-speed, precise motion control for demanding applications.

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MGS-R15 Gantry System by Macron Dynamics

MGS-R15 Gantry System

Compact XY Gantry System, high-precision motion control, versatile design.

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MCS-RY6 Cartesian System by Macron Dynamics

MCS-RY6 Cartesian System

High-performance XYZ Cartesian system, large scale applications, precision.

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MCS-R6S Screw Z Cartesian System by Macron Dynamics

MCS-R6S Screw Z Cartesian System

Compact XYZ Cartesian system, screw-driven Z-axis, precise control.

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MCS-R6S Belt Z Cartesian System by Macron Dynamics

MCS-R6S Belt Z Cartesian System

Heavy-duty XYZ Cartesian system, belt-driven Z-axis, high precision.

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MCS-PSC Cartesian System by Macron Dynamics

MCS-PSC Cartesian System

Customizable XYZ Cartesian gantry system for robotic applications.

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MRA-RTU-1 Robot Transfer Unit by Macron Dynamics

MRA-RTU-1 Robot Transfer Unit

Reliable 7th axis motion for articulated robot

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