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Electromate is respected as a premier source for High-Performance Automation, Motion Control, Robotic & Mechatronic Solutions for the Industrial Automation marketplace.

Our Core Purpose is to help Manufacturers compete globally by building better machines using differentiated automation technology.

We support our customers with extensive product selection, just-in-time delivery, dedicated customer service, and technical engineering support.

Our Quality Management System is certified as being in conformity with ISO 9001 by Intertek.

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Robot Applications We Know

Electromate Powered Solutions service a wide range of sectors that utilize cobot technology

to significantly enhance productivity and flexibility of various automation processes.  

Robotic Solutions We Specialize In

Electromate offers a wide range of robotic solutions. This includes six-axis robots from Mecademic and Universal Robots, robot grippers from Robotiq, robot tool changers from SmartShift, and application kits for multiple solutions. Contact us to speak with one of our Solution Specialists. 

Six-Axis RobotsSix-Axis Robots

Six-Axis Robots

SCARA RobotsSCARA Robots

SCARA Robots

Linear RobotsLinear Robots

Linear Robots

Custom StagesCustom Stages

Custom Stages

Robot GrippersRobot Grippers

Robot Grippers

Cobot Application KitsCobot Application Kits

Application Kits

Cobot Tool ChangersCobot Tool Changers

Tool Changers

Automation Components We Specialize In

Electromate offers an extensive range of both pre-configured and highly configurable products. This includes AC & DC Servo/Stepper Motors & Drives, Motion & Automation Controllers, Positioning Systems & Actuators, Feedback Devices, Gearing Products and HMI's & Operator Displays. We pride ourselves on providing customers with Precision Technology & Quality, backed by over 230 years combined experience in technical engineering support.

Product Updates and Featured Whitepapers

  • Comprehensive Guide to Direct Drive Motors

    Over the decades, while the basic premise of motor operation has remained largely consistent, there have been remarkable innovations in design and functionality tailored to the evolving demands of industries. Enter direct drive motors, a technology that seeks to streamline and enhance the power transmission process. Unlike traditional motors, which often rely on a series of transmission mechanisms to transfer and modulate power, direct drive motors seek to simplify the pathway of power, ensuring a direct link between the motor's output and the operational application...

    October 04, 2023
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  • Motion Control Technology Primer

    What makes a bus based Motion Controller deterministic?   What are the three types of Step Motors?   What is the difference between an Absolute Encoder and a Resolver? These questions (and many more) are quickly answered Motion Control Technology Primer...

    September 28, 2023
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  • Galil Achieves Prestigious UL/CSA Certification for its Motion Controller Series

    This milestone exemplifies Galil’s undying commitment to advancing safety, reliability, and quality in the products it delivers to customers globally...

    September 28, 2023
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