Motion Control, Robotic, & Mechatronic Solutions

Electromate specializes in robotic, mechatronic, and motion control solutions. We focus on high-performance and precision applications for the industrial automation sector. 

Electromate’s Core Purpose is to help Manufacturers compete globally by building better machines using differentiated automation technology.

Electromate helps at every stage of your automation project, from sizing and selection to the development and support of new and existing systems. We also offer thousands of parts for immediate online purchase, ensuring you have quick access to the automation components you need.

Electromate's operations are backed by an ISO 9001 Registered Quality Management System reinforcing our dedication to providing exemplary customer service backstopped by experienced technical engineering support.

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Robotic Automation Applications

Electromate services a wide range of sectors utilizing cobot technology to enhance productivity and flexibility.

Robotic Arms & Accessories

Electromate offers a wide range of robotic solutions. This includes six-axis robots from Mecademic and Universal Robots, robot grippers from Robotiq, robot tool changers from SmartShift, and application kits for multiple solutions.

Six-Axis RobotsSix-Axis Robots

Six-Axis Robots

SCARA RobotsSCARA Robots

SCARA Robots

Linear RobotsLinear Robots

Linear Robots

Custom StagesCustom Stages

Custom Stages

Robot GrippersRobot Grippers

Robot Grippers

Cobot Application KitsCobot Application Kits

Systems & Stages

Cobot Tool ChangersCobot Tool Changers

Tool Changers

Automation Components

Electromate offers an extensive range of both pre-configured and highly configurable products. This includes AC & DC Servo/Stepper Motors & Drives, Motion & Automation Controllers, Positioning Systems & Actuators, Feedback Devices, Gearing Products, and HMI's.

Product Updates and Featured Whitepapers

  • A Guide to Mechatronics - Part 1: Introduction & Fundamentals

    Mechatronics is a pivotal field that integrates mechanics, electronics, and computing, creating intelligent, adaptable, and versatile systems.

    It combines mechanical engineering precision, electronic control, and computer decision-making to innovate products and solutions. This interdisciplinary approach represents a shift from traditional engineering to a holistic method, leveraging each field's strengths for efficient and sophisticated systems.

    Mechatronics is crucial in modern engineering, evident in robotic arms, medical devices, autonomous vehicles, drones, and advanced electronics.

    The rise of IoT highlights its relevance, as it merges sensors, actuators, and communication technology. Mechatronics addresses pressing challenges like sustainable energy, advanced healthcare, and intelligent automation, optimizing systems for performance and efficiency.

    This guide simplifies mechatronic subsystems for a broad audience, from students to professionals. It...

    June 12, 2024
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  • More Advantages With Temposonics R-Series V Profinet Linear Displacement Transducer

    Temposonics, the industry leader in magnetostrictive linear sensor technology, has announced a new generation of sensors focused on Industry 4.0, which features advanced machine monitoring and predictive maintenance capabilities to enhance industrial productivity...

    May 28, 2024
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  • Three Essential Factors for Servo Motor Sizing

    Selecting the right servo motor is a nuanced process vital for the optimal performance of a linear or rotary motion system. While manufacturers provide helpful sizing tools, a deep understanding of the key parameters—speed, torque, and inertia—is crucial. This whitepaper expands on these factors, aiming to simplify this complex task...

    May 23, 2024
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