Wago Electrical Interconnect Products

WAGO Electrical Interconnect Products offer high performance in the toughest applications. Their design allows for maximum safety, user-friendly operation, and simple installation.  WAGO Electrical Interconnect Products can be used in large control cabinets, small junction boxes, on printed circuit boards, in cable ducts, and more.  Their dependability makes them ideal for use in many industries, including: Wago Electrical Interconnect Products

  • Automotive
  • Marine
  • Power Generation & Distribution
  • Petrochemical
  • Building Construction & Infrastructure
  • Trains & Rail Infrastructure
  • Food & Beverage
  • Medical & Pharmaceutical
  • Lighting & Building Automation and many more

In 1977, WAGO introduced the CAGE CLAMP®, a patented spring pressure technology that reduced wiring time by up to 50%. No matter the operator’s skill or installer’s experience, the spring clamping technology offers safe, reliable connections that can be implemented quickly and easily. This is possible due to the pre-programmed clamping force that adjusts automatically to the wire size (known as proportional clamping).  The result is a connection that is vibration-proof, thermal cycling-resistant, corrosion-resistant, maintenance-free, and up to 50% faster than other termination techniques. All WAGO Electrical Interconnect Products feature WAGO’s no torque, no upkeep spring pressure connection technology.

Below is a list of the WAGO Electrical Interconnect Products supplied by Electromate:

DIN Rail & Chassis Mounted Terminal Blocks

DIN rail mounted terminal blocks

  • X-COM© System
  • Matrix Patchboard Systems
  • EX e ll/Ex I Terminal Blocks
  • Miniature Rail-Mounted Terminal Blocks
  • Modular Terminal Blocks and Terminal Strips
  • Rail-Mounted Terminal Blocks and Connectors
  • Ruction Terminal Blocks
  • Shield Connecting Systems


PCB Connectors and Terminal Blocks

PCB connectors and terminal blocks

  • picoMAX© – The Next Generation Pluggable Connection System
  • MCS – Multi Connection System
  • PCB Terminal Blocks
  • PCB Terminal Blocks with Special Function
  • Thru-Panel Terminal Blocks and Connectors
  • Pluggable PCB Connectors 
  • Pluggable PCB Connectors


Splicing Terminal Blocks and Connectors

splicing terminal blocks

  • Lighting Connectors
  • WALL-NUTS® terminals for junction boxes
  • MICRO PUSH WIRE® connectors for junction boxes
  • LEVER-NUTS® compact splicing
  • LUMI-NUTS® luminare disconnect connectors


WINSTA® Connectors for Modular Wiring

connectors for modular writing

  • Mini, Midi, Maxi
  • IDC: Power supply feed-in and tap-off for flat cables
  • EIB/KNX/Dali: Connectors for the standard bus networks
  • RD: For round conduits and ducts 
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