KEB America

KEB America is a wholly-owned subsidiary of KEB Automation KG. Located in Minnesota, KEB America manufactures, assembles, services, and supports the North American market with industrial automation solutions. They strive to be a true solution provider with world-class products, services, and support.

KEB develops mechanical and electronic solutions for modern drive and automation systems. KEB‘s broad orientation to the various sectors of mechanical engineering and plant construction gives them an accurate insight into the needs and trends of the market.

KEB America Product Lines We Provide:

Motors & Gearing

Integral gear motors with flexible options - for three-phase asynchronous or synchronous servo motors. Modular system with a wide range of options for ideal adaptation of machine requirements in the form of spur gears, flat gears, worm spur gears, bevel spur gears and planet gears. Includes integral helical gearmotors, planetary gearheads, gear reducers, servo motors and brake motors. 

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From frequency inverters to servo systems, dynamically connected in real-time communication or classic analog/digital. Universally designed for open and closed loop operation. Optimum shaft performance for three-phase, synchronous, torque, linear or spindle motors. Includes multi-axis drive, open-loop drives, regenerative drives, filters, chokes, braking resistors, brake transistor monitorx, and drive panels

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Includes entry-level and Industrial PC HMI's. The products and tools for KEB visualization solutions are designed to meet sophisticated demands in terms of speed and quality of graphics. Graphic projects which are produced in COMBIVIS studio HMI can later be displayed on different size HMIs. The projects produced with COMBIVIS studio HMI are platform-independent because they use an “interpreted language” which avoids special hardware compiling. 

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Includes routers, gateways, embedded controls, servo kits, I/O's, PLC's and more. 

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KEB Product Applications:

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