Linear Displacement Transducers & Position Sensors

As a leading distributor of linear transducers, we specialize in providing high-precision instruments essential for modern industrial automation. These linear transducers, known for their accuracy and efficiency, are crucial in converting physical motion into electronic signals for various applications.

Key Features and Capabilities of Linear Transducers

Our linear transducers are celebrated for their precision and real-time data delivery. They excel in tasks requiring multi-position detection and support a range of fieldbus formats including SSI, CANBus, DeviceNet, and Profibus.

This adaptability ensures they fit seamlessly into different industrial systems, enhancing their functionality.

Broad Industrial Applications

In industries like manufacturing, automotive, and aerospace, where accuracy is paramount, linear transducers are indispensable. They provide reliable and repeatable measurements, a necessity in these high-demand environments. As a distributor, we understand the diverse needs of these sectors and offer transducers that meet these specific requirements.

Variety to Meet Every Industrial Need

Our portfolio includes a variety of linear transducers to suit diverse industrial applications. Options like the rod style are ideal for hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders, the aluminum extrusion profile style for machinery surface mounting, and the flexible style for arc measurements, ensuring there's a solution for every unique challenge.

Your Trusted Partner in Linear Transducer Solutions

At Electromate, we are committed to supplying the finest absolute linear position sensors across Canada, including regions like Ontario, British Columbia, and Quebec. Our expertise lies in understanding the intricacies of industrial processes and providing transducers that enhance efficiency and precision.

Our preferred partnership with Temposonics underscores our commitment to delivering only the highest quality in linear transducers and position sensors. Temposonics, renowned for their innovation and reliability in sensor technology, aligns perfectly with our mission to offer advanced, precise solutions. This partnership enables us to provide our clients with cutting-edge products that are at the forefront of industrial sensor technology. By choosing us, you're not just getting a product; you're gaining access to the pinnacle of sensor technology expertise and a range of products that set industry standards worldwide.

Temposonics Linear Transducer Product Series

Two R-series transducers with a small diagram in the top leftTwo R-series transducers with a small diagram in the top left

R-Series Linear Transducers

Provide high-speed, accurate, and synchronized position control for industrial applications using advanced magnetostrictive technology. They feature a durable, interference-resistant design and support various Fieldbus outputs such as EtherCAT, SSI, CanBus, DeviceNet, ProfiBus, EtherNet/IP, Profinet, and Analog.

Two G-series transducersTwo G-series transducers

G-Series Linear Transducers

Offer improved performance and backward compatibility for retrofitting legacy sensors, featuring a microprocessor-based design with advanced diagnostics and programmability suitable for various applications. They provide direct replacements for older models and come with options for analog (voltage or current) and digital-pulse (Start/Stop or PWM) outputs.

A collection of 3 different E-series transducersA collection of 3 different E-series transducers

E Series Linear Transducers

Economical sensor models for simplistic position feedback applications.  The E-series is the basic sensor in the product range of magnetostrictive position sensors.  Its excellent price-performance ratio is an unbeatable asset even for traditional users of different position measurement technologies.

A T-series transducerA T-series transducer

T-Series Linear Transducers

For applications found in Hazardous (Increased Safety & Flameproof) and Safety (SIL) regulated environments.  Temposonics magnetostrictive technology is maximized with powerful electronics and double-shielded construction.

Temposonics Linear Transducer Line-Wide Features:

  • Ruggedized constructions
  • Linear and absolute measurement
  • LEDs for sensor diagnostics
  • Contactless sensing with the highest durability
  • Superior accuracy: linearity better 0.01 %
  • Repeatability 0.001 %
  • Up to 2 micron resolution
  • Multiple (magnet) position sensing
  • Programmable limit switch outputs
  • Industrial standard communication protocols

Temposonics Linear Transducer Series Comparison Chart:

Feature R-Series G/GB-Series E-Series T-Series
Temposonics Technology      
Diagnostics & Programmability (Non-SIL)  
Backward compatibility and upgraded performance      
Advanced performance for high precision applications    
Fieldbus and industrial Ethernet interfaces      
Hazardous Rated      
IP 66, 67, 68, 69K, Nema 4      
Incremental encoder output      

Temposonics Linear Transducer Products:

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E-Series EE by MTS Sensors

E-Series EE

Compact, cylinder-integrated rod sensor, pressure-resistant, high-temp endurance. Output: Analog.

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E-Series EH by MTS Sensors

E-Series EH

In-cylinder, stainless steel, multi-position (8 magnets), compact. Outputs: Analog, CANbus, IO-Link, SSI, Start/St

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E-Series EP/EL by MTS Sensors

E-Series EP/EL

Compact, ultra-low profile for tight spaces, external mount, multi-position (8 magnets). Outputs: Analog, CANbus, IO-Link, SSI, Start/Stop.

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E-Series EP2 by MTS Sensors

E-Series EP2

Flexible mount, aluminum profile, floating magnet tracking, multi-position (8 magnets). Outputs: Analog, CANbus, IO-Link, SSI, Start/Stop.

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E-Series ER by MTS Sensors

E-Series ER

Guided rod with integrated sensor and electronics, flexible mounting. Outputs: Analog, CANbus, IO-Link, SSI, Start/Stop.

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E-Series ET by MTS Sensors

E-Series ET

Hazardous area rod sensor, stainless steel, up to +105°C, ATEX/IECEx certified. Programmable, Analog/SSI/Start/Stop. Rod/Profile versions.

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G-Series GH by MTS Sensors

G-Series GH

Cylinder rod sensor, <0.001% F.S. repeatability, retrofits legacy models. Outputs: Analog, Start/Stop.

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G-Series GP by MTS Sensors

G-Series GP

External mount, profile-style sensor, rugged, legacy retrofit capable, with advanced diagnostics. Outputs: Analog, Start/Stop.

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G-Series GT2/GT3 by MTS Sensors

G-Series GT2/GT3

Multi-redundant (double/triple) sensor for safety-critical applications. Compact, durable. Output: Analog.

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G-Series GTE by MTS Sensors

G-Series GTE

Redundant position sensor. Ex-certified for safety, high-pressure, embedded design, IECEx option. Output: Analog

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GB-Series with Pressure-Fit Flange by MTS Sensors

GB-Series with Pressure-Fit Flange

Harsh environment sensor, stainless steel, compact, up to 800 bar & +100°C. Outputs: Analog, SSI.

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GB-Series with Threaded Flange by MTS Sensors

GB-Series with Threaded Flange

Compact in-cylinder sensor, replaceable parts, 360° connection, up to +100°C. Outputs: Analog, SSI.

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R-Series RD4 by MTS Sensors

R-Series RD4

Detached electronics for compact installation, multi-position measurement, diagnostic LEDs, and diverse outputs for industry.

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R-Series RF by MTS Sensors

R-Series RF

Flexible sensor for up to 20,000 mm strokes, multi-position measurement, easy shipping, diagnostic LEDs, and multiple outputs.

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R-Series RH by MTS Sensors

R-Series RH

Precision in-cylinder monitoring with replaceable elements, up to 20 magnets, and diagnostic LEDs for demanding applications.

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