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Robotic systems are revolutionizing industrial automation, offering ready-to-deploy solutions that minimize the need for extensive engineering, testing, and the trial-and-error typically associated with custom setups. These pre-engineered systems provide cost-effective, reliable solutions for businesses by bundling components at a lower packaged price compared to purchasing and assembling parts separately. However, the flexibility of these systems remains uncompromised, as each robotic staging setup is fully customizable to align with specific business needs.

Electromate’s offerings include advanced robotic staging kits tailored for the Universal Robots UR line and the Mecademic Meca500 six-axis robot, renowned for their precision and adaptability in a variety of applications. These systems are further enhanced with a range of gantry systems, cartesian systems, and specialized end effectors like grippers from Mecademic and Robotiq, elevating their utility in cobot palletizing, cobot screwdriving, and cobot welding tasks. The collaboration with diverse vendors, including Smartshift Robotics for flexible table and tool changing options and SensoPart for advanced sensing and vision capabilities, allows for extensive customization. These partnerships enable Electromate to bolster the versatility and functionality of your robotic systems, ensuring they cater effectively to your unique automation challenges.

For those interested in exploring the potential of automated solutions, Electromate presents an array of pre-configured kits. Popular inquiries include the complete cobot welding solution from Hirebotics, the Universal Robots Palletization solution for efficient materials handling, the comprehensive Meca500 Master Controller Kit, and a sophisticated machine tending kit featuring the Robotiq Dual Hand-E Gripper, all designed to streamline operations and enhance production efficiency.

Robotic System & Staging Solutions we Provide:

Cobot Palletizer Systems

Cobot palletizers merge the collaborative capabilities of cobots with advanced palletizing technology, enabling safe and efficient stacking of products for diverse packaging needs. They provide a flexible and scalable solution that fits easily into existing production lines, enhancing throughput with minimal disruption.

Cobot Screwdriving Systems

Cobot screwdriving applications combine the precision of robotic automation with the flexibility of manual operation, allowing for rapid, consistent assembly and disassembly tasks in manufacturing. These cobots are programmed to deliver precise torque and can easily adapt to various screw sizes and patterns, enhancing production line efficiency with minimal human intervention.

Cobot Welding Systems

Cobot welding systems offer a unique blend of safety and precision for intricate welding tasks, supporting consistent high-quality joins with reduced setup times. Their collaborative nature allows them to work alongside human operators, enhancing the welding process with flexibility and cost-effectiveness in low-volume, high-mix production runs.

Cobot CNC Systems

Designed to enhance the efficiency and productivity of your manufacturing processes. We offer a range of solutions to meet your specific needs, integrating seamlessly with your existing equipment.

Custom Positioning Systems

We offer a range of custom positioning stages, including linear stages, rotary stages, and XY stages, all of which are built with high-quality components and designed to deliver exceptional performance. Our stages can be configured with a variety of motors, feedback devices, and controllers to ensure precise motion control.

Gantry/Cartesian Systems

Gantry robots run on two axis (XY) and cartesian robots run on three axis (XYZ). As the name implies, these types of robots generally move in a straight line. They are best suited for more simple tasks that don't require the range of motion a six-axis robotic arm would.

Modular Automation Systems

Modular Automation Systems offer a comprehensive and flexible approach to industrial automation, enabling seamless integration of various components to create efficient and adaptable setups.

Scara Robots

SCARA robots are ideal for high speed, precision operations such as sealing, dispensing, parts insertion, assembly, and more. They come with a number of different features that make them very versatile like wall/ceiling mounts, water-resistance, high-speed options, and longer z-axis. 

Robotic Systems & Staging Products:

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Robotiq AX10 Series Cobot Palletizer by Robotiq

Robotiq AX10 Series Cobot Palletizer

Fully integrated vertical-axis for greater heights and optimal performance. Ideal for handling light cases and a wide variety of pallet heights.

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CNC Lathe Automation System by VersaBuilt Robotics

CNC Lathe Automation System

Designed to enhance the productivity of your CNC lathe. This system seamlessly integrates with your existing equipment, providing an efficient and reliable solution for automated part loading and unloading.

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CNC Mill Automation System by VersaBuilt Robotics

CNC Mill Automation System

Streamline your CNC milling with VersaBuilt’s Automation System. Boost productivity, reduce downtime, and ensure consistent results.

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Robotiq PE10 Series Cobot Palletizer by Robotiq

Robotiq PE10 Series Cobot Palletizer

Manually adjustable pedestal and up to 20kg payload capacity.

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Hirebotics Cobot Welding Solution by Hirebotics

Hirebotics Cobot Welding Solution

A complete cobot welding solution for high-mix welding productions

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SmoothTool Cobot Welder by Smooth Robotics

SmoothTool Cobot Welder

Easy-to-use cobot welding package delivers consistent results

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Screwdriving Solution for Universal Robots by Robotiq

Screwdriving Solution for Universal Robots

Deploy a robotic screwdriving cell in two weeks and free employees for higher-value tasks

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SD35 Cobot Screwdriving Package by Spin Robotics

SD35 Cobot Screwdriving Package

Automated screwdriving solution with up to 3.5Nm torque

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SD70 Cobot Screwdriving Package by Spin Robotics

SD70 Cobot Screwdriving Package

Automated screwdriving solution with up to 7Nm torque

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CNC Machine Tending Kit by Robotiq

CNC Machine Tending Kit

Combines technologies from Robotiq and Universal Robots, and will guide you through programming from start to finish. It makes a complex application simple. There is no need to open or alter your machine in any way.

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Universal Robots Sander by Robotiq

Universal Robots Sander

The only hardware and software all-in-one solution for cobots

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Universal Robots Surface Finishing Kit by Robotiq

Universal Robots Surface Finishing Kit

To automate finishing processes on a wide variety of surfaces

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LiftKit for Universal Robots by Ewellix

LiftKit for Universal Robots

7th axis solution for enhanced robotic automation.

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VISOR Robotic UR Sensor Kit 2.0 by SensoPart

VISOR Robotic UR Sensor Kit 2.0

Offers the perfect solution for a variety of automation tasks.

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Meca500 EtherCat Master Controller Kit by Mecademic

Meca500 EtherCat Master Controller Kit

A ready-to-go pre-configured kit only available at Electromate.

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